Bourbon & Banter is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Bourbon. In our pages you will learn all about the wonders of bourbon, the art of friendly conversation (what we call banter) and most importantly you’ll meet some great people and hopefully make some new friends. We invite you to grab yourself a glass of your favorite bourbon and explore our pages.

Bourbon & Banter is also the parent organization of “Bourbon Club” which was founded on October 27, 2008.  Founded & created by bourbon lovers, Bourbon Club began as a social drinking club of individuals working together in St. Louis, MO.  However, as we began to tell others about our club and our deep love of bourbon we discovered that there are countless bourbon lovers in the wild who, until now, were afraid to go public and profess their own love of bourbon.  What started as a work-centric social activity is quickly grew into a city-wide social club centered around bourbon.

In the summer of 2009 Bourbon Club founding member, Patrick “Pops” Garrett hosted his first bourbon tasting party at his home.  Attendees brought a bottle of their favorite bourbon to share with others while bantering away with old and new friends.  It was a tremendous success.  Not only did people get to try new and exciting bourbons they also formed new friendships.

Building upon the success of the first “Bourbon & Banter” party, Pops launched the official Bourbon & Banter Facebook page and began building a global following of fellow bourbon lovers. Committed to spreading the Gospel of Bourbon, Bourbon & Banter is continually exploring new ways to engage bourbon lovers and introduce bourbon to non-believers.

We invite you to join our bourbon revolution on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and through our website. If you like what we’re doing please spread the word. If you’d like to get involved with our mission or want to start a Bourbon Club at your place of work please contact us via the Contact page.