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Patrick Garrett, "Pops" as he's known to his friends, is the founder of Bourbon & Banter, LLC and claims the title of Chief Drinking Officer (CDO). A long-time marketing professional and photographer, Pops hopes to use his professional experience and love of Bourbon to spread the Bourbon Gospel and help everyone realize the therapeutic power of having a good drink with friends.

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Drink American Bourbon Patriot T-Shirt

Bourbon Patriot T-Shirt Full Photo

We’re excited to introduce the next release in our Bourbon Patriot Flag series of products – the Drink American Bourbon Patriot T-Shirt. This exclusive design from Bourbon & Banter is now available for order over at The Medicinal Spirit Society along with a bunch of other great bourbon-related items like glassware, posters and flasks. We hope you swing by and check out the shirt in more detail.

This designed turned out great and we especially love the Heavy Metal color combination that we received last night for review.

If you like the design please share it with your friends and family. It also makes the perfect shirt to wear on Flag Day in June.

Take me to the shirt to check it out!



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Bourbon & Banter 3rd Anniversary

Bourbon & Banter 3rd Anniversary Photo


Today is Bourbon & Banter’s 3rd anniversary. February 21, 2012 is the day I shared my first post with the world–Welcome Fellow Bourbon Lovers–and opened the door to an adventure that has allowed me to connect with bourbon lovers around the world and become part of their bourbon journey. Every year when I look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished I’m always amazed and greatly humbled. This year I’m feeling extremely grateful as I write this from a hotel room at the Embassy Suites at the Minneapolis airport. Continue Reading →

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PennyPacker Bourbon Review

Disclaimer: A sample of PennyPacker bourbon was provided to us by Niche Import Co. for this review. I appreciate their willingness to allow Bourbon & Banter to review the whiskey with no strings attached. Thank you.


Happy President’s Day everyone! I thought it fitting to do a review today of PennyPacker bourbon which features one of the most Americana heavy bottle designs that I’ve ever seen. From the brand name, bottle shape and use of vintage fonts–the bourbon is anything but shy when it comes to announcing that it’s an American product. Nothing wrong with that, right? After all, bourbon is a distinctly American product these days.

Would it surprise you to learn that this Kentucky Straight Bourbon was first shipped to Germany for bottling before it made to your local liquor store shelf?

Check out our PennyPacker bourbon review above and learn a little more about this bourbon’s unique journey to Europe decades ago and why you’re now seeing it on American shelves. And of course, we’ll share with you our thoughts on whether or not you should grab a bottle to drink at home and share with friends.

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On Valentine’s Day, Say It With Whiskey

Valentine's Day Lloyd Dobler Advice

Experts long to give advice when it comes to love and Valentine’s Day. They tell you what to say, how to say it and what to wear while saying it. If you ask us, that’s a lot to try to figure out. By the time you get a plan together you’re too tired and freaked out to execute. Then you’re left with nothing more than a stinking mess of love gone wrong on the most romantic holiday of the year.

No thank you Mr. and Mrs. Love Experts! This year we’re turning the sage himself–Mr. Lloyd Dobler.

Keep it simple and be yourself. Say Anything you want to your love this Valentine’s Day. Just make sure to say it with whiskey.

Trust us. You can’t go wrong with this strategy. Who doesn’t want to look out the window and see the love of their life holding aloft a barrel, bottle or glass of whiskey to celebrate their undying love and conviction. (Just a suggestions but we think a barrel would probably have the greatest impact.)

They’ll know that if you’re willing to profess your love over whiskey, and share it with them, that it’s the real deal. A love that is fully committed, genuine and going to last.

Throw away the love advice columns. Burn the romantic self-help books. Stop answering your mother’s calls asking if you’ve gotten a Valentine’s present yet.

Grab your whiskey, get in your car and head on over to the one you love. Strike a pose, crank the radio up and show them how much they mean to you.  Good luck!



PS – Avoid the use of flavored whiskey or whiskey from an undisclosed producer when professing your love as your actions may be interpreted as less than honest and sincere. 



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