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#BOURBONEVANGELIST Spread The Bourbon Gospel

Today’s the day. It’s time for all bourbon evangelists to rise up, turn to Twitter and declare their love for all things bourbon. The video above provides a quick summary of what you need to do in order to partake in our efforts to spread the bourbon gospel across the world as we celebrate the closing of Bourbon Heritage Month. You can also get additional details on our original Bourbon Evangelists To Unite blog post.

Don’t forget to tag your tweets with #bourbonevangelist to aid in our efforts and to enter for a chance to win some cool bourbon prizes.

We look forward to seeing your tweets and wish you all the best as we bring Bourbon Heritage Month to a fantastic close.




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Jim Beam Photos Get A Touch of Color

A few days ago reps from Jim Beam contacted us about a project they commissioned UK-based, Dynamichrome, to work on recently involving restoring and colorizing some classic Jim Bean photos. We’re big photography nuts and thought it was pretty cool so we decided it would make the perfect Throwback Thursday post for Bourbon Heritage Month. Not much else to say other than we hope you enjoy the Jim Beam photos and step back in bourbon history.



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Bourbon Evangelist To Unite on September 30th

Bourbon Evangelist To Unite on September 30th

As Bourbon Heritage Month draws to a close we’re asking that each and every member of bourbon nation take a moment and help us to spread the bourbon gospel via Twitter.

We want to show the world that bourbon is here to stay and that people are fully committed to being bourbon evangelists. We sincerely hope that you’ll take a few minutes and help us out as we embark on a single day mission to cover the Twitterverse with the bourbon gospel. Here’s what we need you to do.

On September 30th – not sooner – login to your Twitter account and tweet about bourbon along with the hashtag #bourbonevangelist. You can tell us why you love bourbon, why you’re a bourbon evangelist or even when you first tried bourbon. Just make sure that you add the hashtag #bourbonevangelist. We’ve provided a few examples of potential tweets below but feel free to say whatever you want.

I drink bourbon because god loves me. #bourbonevangelist

I’m spreading the bourbon gospel to make those around me more enjoyable. #bourbonevangelist

Friends don’t let friends drink booze without a soul. (Looking at you vodka.) #bourbonevangelist

If enough people tweet using #bourbonevangelist we’ll definitely get everyone’s attention and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a trend going on Twitter for the day.  And to help us with our cause we’ll enlisting the help of your favorite bourbon brands. They’ll be helping call people to action on September 30th.

And if your love for bourbon isn’t enough motivation, we’ll also be picking a few random tweeters that use #bourbonevangelist on September 30th to win our exclusive Bourbon Evangelist T-Shirt. Plus, if we can get 50,000 tweets using #bourbonevangelist we’ll give away another Bourbon Swag Pak to one lucky bourbon evangelist.

Start letting your friends and family know about our request for September 30th. The more people we have ready to spread the word the more likely we are to spark a trend and hand out some bourbon swag.


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The Lexington Bourbon Society

The Lexington Bourbon Society

The bourbon scene in Lexington, Kentucky has always been good. Located in the center of the state, Lexington is at the crossroads of all of the great Bluegrass distilleries. (This is the main reason the barrel aging programs at Country Boy Brewing and Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling are so robust: it takes less time for those freshly emptied barrels to reach the breweries. Hardly any of the bourbon in the staves evaporates out. It all infuses right into that beer.) However, in recent years with the bourbon explosion across the country, the scene in Lexington has vastly improved. This is absolutely in part due to groups like the Lexington Bourbon Society.

As their mission statement succinctly sums it up: “We are a group of folks with a penchant for America’s Native Spirit! Our purpose is to celebrate the heritage of bourbon, Kentucky, and our nation.” If you’re reading this, you likely also find commonality in their mission. I know I do.

I actually first became acquainted with the LBS after I moved out of Lexington. I followed the group on Facebook and one day commented on a trivia question to name a line-up of bourbon bottles. Apparently I won, which began an ongoing conversation on various bourbon goings-on with their fearless leader, Matthew Preston.

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