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A Canadian Whisky Tasting

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Editor’s Note: Today’s Help Wanted guest blog post is from Bill Franks. Bill elected to bring us some Canadian Whisky banter and addresses the hype and controversy surrounding this year’s World Whisky of the Year selection from Jim Murray. We hope you enjoy his post and chime in accordingly in the comments section. Also make sure to connect with Bill online at @ncoach903


A Canadian Whisky the World’s Best for 2016! shouted the headline on November 20th 2015. This was a first for Canada and the whole country was thrilled to hear it. The next day the whisky (Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye) was sold out. As I write this article on January 27th, the whisky remains sold out. If a case arrives at a store it all sells in a matter of minutes.

How often is there a front page news story on whisky? Those of us who are knowledgeable about whisky are aware that Jim Murray and his Whisky Bible are not the be all and end all of whisky assessment and ranking. In fact on January 15, 2016, a panel of ten independent whisky experts using a blind tasting panel technique, named Lot No. 40 as the Canadian Whisky of the Year. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye did not win in Canada, yet was declared the World’s Best for 2016. Some education for the masses was sorely needed! Continue Reading →

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2016 Presidential Candidate Bourbon Pairings

Presidential Candidate Bourbon Pairings Header

Editor’s Note: Jim Knudsen is our guest blogger today with his take on pairing bourbons with this year’s Presidential candidates. As with our other Help Wanted applicants we ask that you share your thoughts on his post in the comments as well as online where you can find Jim at @chnlswimer.

The election season is upon us and the requisite attack ads and name calling has begun. I prefer a more positive approach to dealing with election year politics. To help you with this, I have compiled the following bourbon pairings with your favorite or not so favorite political candidate. So with a little preparation at your local liquor store, you can be ready to enjoy the next debate, caucus, or primary.

My criteria are quite simple. I picked bourbons that I am familiar with, that I have found available (I can buy it at my liquor store, at least occasionally), and that I found some tie-in, however remote, with the candidate. I will add that I am not endorsing a particular candidate (I do endorse the bourbon), nor have any of the brands mentioned endorsed any candidates as far as I know. The comments are for entertainment and an excuse to drink bourbon only.

Finally, I believe bourbon is the ideal spirit to connect with political campaigns. After all, with the requisite mash bill of at least 51% corn, it coincides nicely with the messages of the candidates.  Continue Reading →

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A Bourbon Oasis Where You Would Least Expect It

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Editor’s Note: Lee Stang is our guest blogger today with his review of Sidebar Bistro in Aruba. As with our other Help Wanted applicants we ask that you share your thoughts on his post in the comments as well as online where you can find Lee at @Balashi963.

Rock Hill Farms!!! I am in a restaurant/bar and they have Rock Hill Farms!

Maybe not unusual for Kentucky. Very unusual for any place in my home state of Virginia. I am in neither. I am in Oranjestad, capital of Aruba.

Sidebar Bistro Aruba Bourbon Selection Photo

Rock Hill Farms and Willet Pot Still at the Sidebar Bistro.

My wife and I like to travel and have visited Aruba every October since our honeymoon in 2001. When we travel we like to try different and unusual restaurants and bars, especially bourbon bars. Tasting bourbon is not just about sitting in your house and having a pour, although that is enjoyable too. The environment of a great bar can make the experience exceptional. Moreover, the bourbon, cocktail or whatever spirit you desire can taste that much better. Just prior to this trip in 2015, I discovered that a new bourbon bar had opened in Aruba and because of my love of bourbon, it was a must visit. Continue Reading →

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2016 San Antonio Cocktail Conference Recap

San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2016 header

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to share this post from Kristian Jaime of Kristian Jaime Photography. Kristian supplied recap photos from last year’s San Antonio Cocktail Conference and we’re thrilled to have him back again this year sharing photos and a summary of the event. 

Although the last shaker has been poured out and the final bracelet has been scanned, the 2016 San Antonio Cocktail Conference (SACC) was a resounding success.

Houston Street Charities, the altruistic beneficiary of the four-day event, once again proved that cocktails for a cause were alive and well in the Alamo City.

This years, the slate of the closing events included the posh “Woldorf on the Prairie” mixer at the city’s St. Anthony’s Hotel, a “Yoga Remedy” to salve the mind and a cigar paring seminar complete with a batch of Rocky Patel Patriot maduro cigars. Continue Reading →

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