Win A Hudson Whiskey Barrel

Win A Hudson Whiskey Barrel

To help Bourbon & Banter celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month, Hudson Whiskey is offering the chance for one lucky reader to win their very own 3-liter Hudson Whiskey barrel. The barrel is perfect for aging your own white dog or blending a delicious barrel-age cocktail.

To enter for a chance to win, head over to Instagram and post a video telling us what you’ll do with a genuine Hudson Whiskey 3-liter oak barrel.  Make sure to tag your video with @BourbonBanter and @HudsonWhiskey to be eligible.

We’ll select one winner at random from all of the entries on Friday, September 19th.
(Deadline is 3 pm CST – Friday, September 19, 2014)

Even though the barrel prize is a new and empty barrel, you must be at least 21 years of age to enter.

Good luck. We look forward to checking out your video.


PS – Don’t use Instagram? We’ll have a different giveaway for you diehard Twitter users soon.


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J.R. Ewing Bourbon Review

Disclaimer: A sample of J.R. Ewing bourbon was provided to me by Warner Brothers for this review. I appreciate their willingness to allow Bourbon & Banter to review the bourbon with no strings attached. Thank you.

Earlier this year fans of the television show, Dallas, were excited to learn about a new bourbon release honoring the show’s most memorable character – J.R. Ewing. Having grown up watching Dallas with my family every Friday night, I was pretty curious to learn more about the release once it made it to my part of the country. So when Warner Brothers contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me they were sending me something to check out I was pretty excited.

Here’s some information from the original press release announcing the release of J.R. Ewing Bourbon:

To coincide with the season three premiere of Dallas on Monday, February 24, at 9/8c on TNT, Southfork Bottling Company is teaming up with Warner Bros. to launch a new brand of bourbon, J.R. Ewing Bourbon, inspired by the show’s infamous character and iconic Texas tycoon. The bourbon can be found on spirit retailers’ shelves beginning end of March.

Distilled in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country, the 4-year-old, 80-proof light amber-colored bourbon will initially launch in 14 states across the South and Midwest, with plans to expand nationally within a few months and internationally by the year’s end. The brand will be marketed to distributors around the United States by Prairie Creek Beverages, a national wine and spirits marketing company, and internationally by Melchers Group, a producer and exporter based in The Netherlands.

Packaging for the new bourbon features a wooden stopper and screen-printed image of the legendary Southfork Ranch — home of the Ewings — which can be seen through the front of the elegant, iconic bottle.

J.R. Ewing Bourbon is well balanced and possesses a maturity that adds to its complexity. The nose is classic and slightly fruity, with notes of vanilla, oak sweetness and a touch of orange. The taste profile is surprisingly mild, yet crisp, and exhibits a lightly spicy/honey taste that lingers on the palate.

“Creating a brand of such high quality is reflective of J.R.’s thirst for the best in life, and the new brand really pays tribute to the character with whom everyone around the world is familiar,” said Andy Harmon, co-founder of Southfork Bottling Company.

Bourbon was the drink of choice for Dallas’ legendary character J.R. Ewing; a ruthless and egotistical Texas oil baron with discerning taste who was particular about his liquor, J.R. would no doubt have been pleased to see his own notorious name signed on the bottle of this well-crafted bourbon whiskey.

“It’s exciting to have the show and J.R.’s legacy, represented to the public in a new way,” said Dallas executive producer and writer Cynthia Cidre. “Plus, it gives the fans one more reason to celebrate Dallas!”

“My father, Larry Hagman, would have loved the fact that this new bourbon was named after his legendary character, J.R. Ewing — a signature spirit inspired by one of the most beloved, conniving and trailblazing characters in entertainment history,” said Preston Hagman.

J.R. Ewing Bourbon is a partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group, in collaboration with Southfork Bottling Company.

The release does a good job of building up the bourbon so my expectations were pretty high going into my formal review. After all, I really couldn’t see J.R. Ewing settling for anything but the best when it came to bourbon.

UPDATE: Received info from the brand clarifying the mash bill on this one. They tell me it’s 81% corn, 13% rye and  6% malted barley. Guess that explains my statement about the corn notes.

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Bourbon Evangelists, Please Stand Up

Bourbon Evangelists, Please Stand Up

Happy 1st Friday of Bourbon Heritage Month!

It’s been months since we first announced our Bourbon Evangelist t-shirt and made it available for pre-order. Since then we’ve searched for an on demand printer to offer it year-round, added a new “Angel’s” version and setup a new dedicated online store to sell bourbon and other spirit-related products. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the shirt to return – today is your day. We thank you for your patience.

You can use the link below to check out our new online store – The Medicinal Spirit Society – where you can purchase a Bourbon Evangelist t-shirt, one of our other bourbon quote shirts or even a bourbon flask or whiskey glass. We did a soft launch of the store 2 weeks ago and everything appears to be in order. Should you run into any technical issues please let us know and we’ll work to resolve your issue right away.

Explore The Medicinal Spirit Society

As part of the new site launch, we’ve made the decision to remove the store from this website. Our goal is to have focus on all things bourbon info, educational and entertainment related. For any product or commerce related items we’ll ask folks to visit the new website. And over time we’ll continue to add new and interesting products to the store that appeal to not only bourbon and whiskey drinkers, but those that enjoy  all kinds of alcohol spirits.

So go ahead and get the 1st Friday of Bourbon Heritage Month of to a great start by browsing the Medicinal Spirit Society online store and order yourself a Bourbon Evangelist t-shirt to show the world your commitment to spreading the bourbon gospel.




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Bourbon & Pizza Tasting at The Blind Tiger

Bourbon & Pizza Tasting at The Blind Tiger


When we started promoting our most recent bourbon tasting event – Bourbon In The Blind – a lot of people questioned our decision to build an event around pairing bourbon with pizza. Some folks even took to Twitter to question our decision & invited some well-known chefs to weigh in with their opinion:

We know that @BourbonTruth was actually helping to bring attention to our event (thank you!), but the question gave us pause anyway. We couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps we were making a big mistake. Sure, everyone knows bourbon goes well with heavy foods like barbecue & steak, but you don’t ever hear about people drinking bourbon with their pizza. Even more so, you never hear about formal tastings that combine the two.

Pizza & craft beer tastings? Yes.

Bourbon & pizza tastings? No.

Lucky for us we don’t let doubt get in the way of trying something new and unexpected. And so, on Saturday afternoon we headed to our event full of excitement and anticipation, wondering if our idea would be as awesome in real life, as it was on paper. Continue Reading →

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