Happy Easter – Share Your Bourbon

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Happy Easter from all of us here at Bourbon & Banter. Whether you’re religious or not, Easter is the perfect holiday to spread the joy with those around you.

Dust off your top shelf bourbons, unlock the Pappy vault and break out your enormous collection of logo engraved Glencairn glasses. It’s time to spread the bourbon gospel by sharing your bourbon with friends and family. Don’t hold out on the good stuff because you’re saving it for “a special occasion”. Special occasions are tricky in that you never know when they’re going to happen. As for today, well…you know it’s happening and you should take advantage of it.

As for me, I’ll be sharing some very nice I.W. Harper from 1942 as well as some Antique Collection bottles.

What about you?

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Joe’s Half & Half Juice Review and Whiskey Cocktail

Joe’s Half & Half Whiskey Cocktail Image

Disclaimer: Samples of Joe’s Half & Half were provided to us by Red Jacket Orchards for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow Bourbon & Banter to review their product with no strings attached. Thank you.

We often get pitched by companies wanting us to review their bourbon or bourbon related products. It’s the type of requests that we expect to get as a bourbon blog. When we received a pitch from Red Jacket Orchards several weeks ago for a new juice product we found ourselves reading their email multiple times to make sure they hadn’t contacted us by mistake, not realizing that we’re a booze blog.

Here’s what was in that original email:

In the 1960’s , a guy who just so happened to be a pro-golfer walks into a bar, and orders a half lemonade-half iced tea mixture. Today this blend is considered an American classic. Many have tried to reinvent it, but none have succeeded in revolutionizing the Half and Half like Red Jacket Orchards.

Fusing their delicious NY Style Lemonade (which is unlike any lemonade you’ve ever tasted since it’s a mix of their apples and lemons) with the nourishing Guayusa Tea, Joe’s Half ‘n’ Half was created. Guayusa Tea comes from a leaf hand-picked by the Kichwa community in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Not only does it taste great, but it offers a number of health benefits – the best being natural caffeine. Every bottle contains more than twice the antioxidant levels found in green tea, and has no added sugar or concentrate. The final product is delicious, healthy juice that creates clean energy within.

We emailed the kind folks at Red Jacket Orchards and informed them that we were a bourbon blog and should they still be inclined to offer us some samples we’d be happy to try them out but any review from Bourbon & Banter would involve mixing bourbon or whiskey with their juice. Lucky for us they didn’t have a problem with our terms and a week later a box filled with bottles of juice and dry ice arrived on our doorstep. Continue Reading →

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Few Spirits Launches in New Jersey and Three Other States

Few Spirits Header

Congratulations to our friends over at Few Spirits on expanding their distribution in four new markets. If you haven’t tried their products yet you can read some of our team’s reviews here. Here’s their official press release.

EVANSTON, Ill., March 23, 2015—At less than five years old, Few Spirits has gained an oversized reputation in the drinks world, making an award-winning line of gins, whiskies and other craft spirits. And as the craft distillery ramps up production, it’s expanding its distribution, launching in New Jersey as well as Georgia, Indiana and Connecticut this month.

 The new market launches make Few available in a total of 20 states, as well as Washington, D.C. The brand is also distributed in the UK, throughout Europe and in select locations in Australia, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. “It’s been incredible to see my dream become a reality and to watch this business grow—we’ve gone from making 100 gallons a month to 100 gallons a day,” says Paul Hletko, Few Spirits’ founder and master distiller. “And now I’m excited to get our products out there in front of a wider and wider audience.” Continue Reading →

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Cooper’s Cask Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review

Cooper's Cask Coffee Header

Disclaimer: A sample of Cooper’s Cask Whiskey Barrel aged coffee was provided to us by Cooper’s Cask for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow Bourbon & Banter to review their product with no strings attached. Thank you.

When the opportunity came up to review Cooper’s Cask Coffee, I couldn’t resist. My love of coffee outshines my love of bourbon (and that’s saying something). I do occasionally mix my two loves in the same cup so I thought this coffee might be perfect for those times when a whisky-laced cup of coffee just isn’t going to fly.

Now, I’m not a fan of flavored coffees generally, but Cooper’s coffee is different. Small batches of green coffee beans from Sumatra have been aged in barrels that were previously used for making whisky. This barrel aging is what provides the flavor, rather than adding flavoring to the coffee after roasting. From Cooper’s site:

Many people may ask, “Isn’t this the same as flavored coffee?”.  It is completely different.  Flavored coffee is the process of adding a flavored syrup to the beans after it has been roasted to take on the predominate flavor.  Such flavors are made from artificial flavorings made from chemicals.

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