Halloween, Michael Myers & Bourbon

If you were to find yourself visited by Michael Myers this evening what bourbon would you serve him?

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Maker’s Mark Bourbon Ad for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I tried to locate a Halloween-themed vintage bourbon ad but came up short. This ad from Maker’s Mark bourbon is about as close as I could get to something creepy or Halloween-themed. Makes me realize just how cool it would be if someone would transform one of the old closed (ghost) bourbon distilleries into a haunted house for the season. Just the unkempt grounds around the buildings would be scary enough to send a lot of people running. 

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween. Cheers!

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Win Free Admission to the St. Louis Bourbon Academy

Would you like to attend the St. Louis Bourbon Academy for free? Head on over to our Facebook page and either click or comment on the post below (on Facebook) for your chance to win free admission. We’ll draw a winner on Saturday, November 2nd, after 5 pm.

You can also purchase tickets to the event via the Bourbon Academy Event page. If you purchase a ticket and then win the free admission we will make sure your original purchase is refunded.

Special thanks to Mike Veach and The Filson Historical Society for providing Bourbon & Banter with a ticket to giveaway to our readers. Good luck! 

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That Bourbon Ketchup: Spiked Ketchup For Grownups

Disclosure: A bottle of That Bourbon Ketchup was provided by That Sauce Company for Bourbon & Banter to review.

That Bourbon Ketchup Label Photo

Before I even start this review, I feel I should disclose the following: I’m not the biggest fan of ketchup. I don’t hate ketchup, but compared to many of my friends, who put ketchup on everything from eggs to hash browns and burgers to hot dogs, I’m rather simple. I dip my fries in ketchup, and that’s about it.

However, a bourbon spiked ketchup? That’s a different story. But first, a little background on That Bourbon Ketchup.

That Bourbon Ketchup is brought to us by Dan Petersen, founder of That Burger and That Sauce Company. Petersen had been running That Burger in Brooklyn when he decided to take his sauces national via Kickstarter. From Dan himself:

You love ketchup. You love bourbon. You’re gonna love That Bourbon Ketchup. 

I’m a simple man who loves a good burger and fries. From that humble beginning, I started That Burger Tent as a pop up burger stand on the streets of Brooklyn. After two seasons of outdoor burger madness, I moved from the streets, dropped the Tent and became That Burger – serving up delicious burgers, fries, tater tots and wings inside of Billy Hurricanes and Idle Hands Bar in the East Village. 

Once I started cooking every day, adding amazing sauces to the menu became the next step. That Bourbon Ketchup was the first of the many tasty specialty sauces. After perfecting the recipe over a few months and having many satisfied customers demand some of the sauce for themselves, I’ve decided to expand ‘That’ empire and am finally launching That Sauce Company to bring the sauce to your home. 

While many of my sauces (such as Red Island Sauce, Cowboys from Hell Sauce, Crabby Mayo, That Spicy Bourbon Ketchup, and more) have gotten rave reviews, That Bourbon Ketchup has always been the first choice to bring to the masses.

I love cooking with bourbon, so That Bourbon Ketchup definitely intrigues me. But how does taste? I’ve never really reviewed food, other than a quick Instagram comment or Tweet, so here goes:

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