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Bourbon & Banter 3rd Anniversary

Bourbon & Banter 3rd Anniversary Photo


Today is Bourbon & Banter’s 3rd anniversary. February 21, 2012 is the day I shared my first post with the world–Welcome Fellow Bourbon Lovers–and opened the door to an adventure that has allowed me to connect with bourbon lovers around the world and become part of their bourbon journey. Every year when I look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished I’m always amazed and greatly humbled. This year I’m feeling extremely grateful as I write this from a hotel room at the Embassy Suites at the Minneapolis airport. Continue Reading →

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Bourbon & Banter 2nd Anniversary

Bourbon & Banter 2nd Anniversary Photo

Looks like we’ve survived another trip around the sun by drinking our bourbon and spreading the bourbon gospel.

All of us at Bourbon & Banter are thankful for everyone’s continue support as we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. We thought we’d take a quick look back at the post that started it all on February, 21, 2012. Continue Reading →

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