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Three Chord Bourbon Review

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TONAL VIBRATIONS! Seriously, the moment I heard about tonal vibrations being used in the aging process for bourbon, one eyebrow raised up so far it could have hit an airplane passing by. Three Chord’s founder, Grammy award winning guitarist and producer Neil Giraldo, says he “saw how drinks resting on our guitar amplifiers would vibrate and wondered if the implementation of sound and vibrations could also be used to alter and enhance the structure of a seasoned spirit.” A side note from backline companies across the globe: take your damn drinks off our gear!

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Wyoming Whiskey Private Stock Barrel #1537 Review

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I’m fortunate I had a full bottle of this to review, so I could take a little extra time and enjoy multiple pours over the course of a few weeks. The more time I spent with it, the more I enjoyed it as it has a unique nose and flavor profile that I don’t find often. A drop of water took out some ethanol notes on the nose and brought forward the cinnamon that wasn’t noticeable previously. The honey hits you as soon as the whiskey hits your tongue, with the caramel being more present after a drop of water. Being that it’s summer when I’m drinking this, the orange & honey together are a perfect accent to the season. A medium-to-full-bodied mouthfeel helps accentuate the finish, lingering a little longer than one would expect for a 5-year old whiskey. A great pour all the way through.