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Dads Drinking Bourbon Willett Family Estate Bourbon Review

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I’ve been a fan of Willett for several years going back to when they were releasing sourced barrels, so it’s been interesting watching them transition into their own distillate. There have been a number of private selections over the last few years and they have been pretty hit and miss. Most of the time, the determining factor on whether it is a hit is like all private picks; the people picking. In this case John and Zeke from Dads Drinking Bourbon along with some of their Willett loving friends picked this barrel.

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Luca Mariano Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Review

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Like the Bourbon, this is just not enough proof to get me excited. It’s especially disappointing knowing first-hand what the 4-5 year old Rye from Wilderness Trail (who contract distills this) can be at cask strength. At 110-115 proof (I’ve tried several batches in that range) they fight far outside of their weight class; at 83 proof this just misses everything. I feel like I can taste the water in the bottle which is a first for me. I appreciate their desire to be more moderately priced but if it sacrifices the overall experience it isn’t worth the savings.

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Booze and Vinyl Book Review

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Ok, so a little tease using our bourbon review format but what is this book all about? It’s a fun way to approach pairing cocktails and music. It takes things a little over the top but if you are going to throw a listening party I think this offers a nice blueprint to follow. The book offers tips on what bar items to stock, how to prepare a wide variety of cocktails and suggestions on when to play what albums. They offer more then 50 recipes that use 2 or 3 ingredients, so you can choose how complex you want to get with the pairings.

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Four Roses 2017 Small Batch Limited Edition Al Young’s 50th Anniversary Bourbon Review

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I loved the throwback design for the bottle and label. I am a fan of Four Roses and have a reasonable (depending on who you ask) collection of their Private Barrel selections. I was excited with the addition of the 23 year OBSV (2 of my favorite Private Barrel picks are OBSV) but this came up a little short. The nose was quite good to excellent, the flavor just lacked depth and the finish was just a little too bitter and thin.