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Old Bakery Gin Review

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Old Bakery Gin grew out of an argument. When Ian Puddick bought a mothballed bakery in 2012, he intended to convert the premises into an office for his plumbing business. A 60-foot-tall brick chimney was attached to the building, so, out of a concern for safety, he had it removed. In 2014, this upset one of his neighbours, who claimed the chimney belonged to him! While gathering evidence to support his actions, Ian discovered that the legitimate bakery had been distilling and selling gin illegally! It seems that fermenting the flour and producing gin was more profitable than producing baked goods. By 2016 the dispute was settled and after various meetings with the surviving family members of Miss M’s bakery, Ian had the illicit recipe! As a person who likes a challenge and a true Brit, he decided to give it a go.