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Bardstown Bourbon Company Phifer Pavitt Reserve Collaborative Series #1 Review

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Overall, I am big fan of finished “bourbons.” I will admit that before tasting this, I have paid $125 for a 10-year MGP bourbon finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for 6 months finished and bottled from a place in California. It is very, very good.

The Bardstown Bourbon Company bills themselves as the first Napa Valley style destination on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The Bardstown Bourbon Collaborative Series #1 is a sourced Tennessee Bourbon finished in Phifer Pavitt Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from Napa Valley for 19 months. Certainly makes sense for a Napa style destination.

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Stolen X Rock & Rye Review

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I am always wary of any brands that market themselves as being best as a shot (aka: reducing the time you have to actually taste it). Liquors that are designed to have as little booze flavor as possible to minimize the displeasure of delivering alcohol quickly to the blood stream are all the same. After all, Drinking Curious is also Drinking Responsibly. Whether it’s honey, cinnamon, or old-fashioned-inspired “whiskey-based” spirits, they are all meant to be tossed in the freezer, peddled by scantily clad promo models, and not worthy of a spot in any decent liquor cabinet.

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Vermouth Routin Original Rouge: Your Cocktail’s Next Best Friend

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know you came here to read about whiskey but when discussing whiskey-based cocktails the lead spirit isn’t always the most important player. This is never truer than when discussing Vermouth. The type of Vermouth you use in a cocktail can either sink it into disaster or elevate it to greatness. Ever on the hunt for an exceptional Vermouth to pair with my whiskey, Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is a welcome addition to my cocktail bar. With flavors of jammy fig, rich oak, deep caramel, and baking spices, this Vermouth is a perfect complement to even the stoutest of whiskies.

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Copper & Kings American Dry Gin Review

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To me, summer is gin season. There is nothing like a tall, ice-cold gin and tonic on a hot, humid day. The botanicals bring a brightness to the palate that provide just as much of a cooling sensation as the ice. With summer weather just around the corner (and for many of us it’s already arrived), here’s my suggestion on how to drink curious this gin season.