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Cava: Your Summer Bourbon Cocktail Companion

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Whiskey in the Winter is a perfect pairing. The slightly warmer nights of spring also make brown spirits a good fit. But as soon as the weather starts to turn summery hot, I start to crave a cold glass of bubbly. From May on, I make sure my house is always stocked with a case of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, my favorite, affordable cava. Cava is the perfect drink for summer, as it is light, effervescent, and not too sweet. As far as sparkling wines go, cava is the closest to Champagne in terms of flavor profile and, in many cases, much cheaper. Fortunately for us, bourbon and cava work tremendously together.

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Is Cooper’s Craft Having An Identity Crisis?

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The kind people at Brown-Forman recently introduced me to Coopers’ Craft. They invited a small number of whiskey writers to Louisville to hear the story of their brand, tour their cooperage (Brown-Forman is the only brand that owns their cooperage and makes their barrels), and enjoy a cooking experience focused on incorporating Coopers’ into various cocktails and foods.

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Meet Your New Daily Drinker – Jim Beam Black

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I wish I could say it was an endeavor into an odd type of social experiment. Sadly, it was merely the result of a long, tumultuous relationship with gravity and a front porch that my landlord needs to do some serious brickwork on. My loyalty to this universal force would, it seem, continue to go unrequited and landed me on crutches during my most recent trip to the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky to learn more about the brand’s recently accoladed juice: Jim Beam Black.

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HyperChiller Review

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I am a coffee lover. I cannot get through the day without coffee. Hot coffee. I am essentially never an iced coffee person but when I started dating my boyfriend – who is a diehard iced coffee drinker – I began having to make concessions to satisfy both of our caffeinated preferences. (Pro tip: if you have leftover drip hot coffee, let it cool then pour into an ice cube tray – I use the blah blah blah red one I have – and use the coffee cubes to keep iced coffee cold without watering it down.)

When asked if I would try out the HyperChiller – designed to turn regular coffee into cold coffee quickly – I jumped at the opportunity. It works perfect for coffee and does chill a hot cup of coffee to cold temps in just a few minutes. (I find it takes about 2 minutes for a really cold cup.) Just pour coffee into the lid and wait a few minutes. However, this cooling efficiency made me think that there was more opportunity for this contraption. And HyperChiller was already on it: chilling spirits and wine.