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Simple Is Best, In Life And In Bourbon

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The old man, retired I’m thinkin’, sat motionless on his covered porch out in the country. What grabs my attention is a small, bright orange can of Prince Albert tobacco poking out of the chest pocket of his well-worn Key overalls. In a quick glance, it resembled a blossoming flower announcing itself to the world. In a more thoughtful look, it was tucked in those overalls just as tight as a wallet, maybe more so. His rough, workingman hands took turns cradling a well-used pipe. Tobacco smoldering, the chewed-on end barely rested on his lower lip, moving only when he spoke.

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Bourbon Brined Chicken Breasts, Halleluiah!

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Bourbon love is widespread, and if you’re like me, well, first of all, welcome to my world, and second, you’re likely wondering “How can I can get more bourbon into my life?” One of the easiest ways to do this is in your food prep, and in this case, your grilling. It turns out that bourbon is a wonderful and tasty way to flavor grilled foods and satisfy that bourbon fix you’re after.