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Polar Ice Tray Review

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In the world of whiskey, there are lots of arguments over ice: whether it should be used or not? How much to use? What type to use? I believe it is up to the drinker. I enjoy a bit of ice in my whiskey, but, in my opinion, nothing beats a good ice ball instead of cubes. So what’s the difference? Volume and surface area. When using ice from your icemaker you have a greater amount of surface area of ice to whiskey. This causes the ice to melt faster; yes, your drink is cold faster, but you have also added more water to your drink than you may want. Typically by the time you finish your drink, the ice is gone as well. With an ice ball, you have less surface area, because it is one large piece of ice, and it takes longer for the ball to melt. This causes the drink to cool down slower, and it does not get watered down as much. Plus, a great ice ball can last for several drinks.

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Elijah Craig 23 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review

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Back in 2012, Heaven Hill started its Elijah Craig series with Elijah Craig 20 Year. For several years now Heaven Hill has offered a taste of Elijah Craig bourbon aged an additional year allowing us to taste what happens to their signature premium bourbon over time. This is a very unique offering that has produced Elijah Craig 20 Year, Elijah Craig 21 Year, and now Elijah Craig 23 Year. Each of these offerings has been single barrel bottlings, which is very rare for ultra-aged bourbons, giving not only the opportunity to taste different ages but different barrels as well.