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Heads & Tails: Barrels and Blending Edition

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Oy, have we got a marketing story here! This one reaches all the way back to J. Frederick Hillerich, a German woodworker who immigrated to Louisville in 1842. Hillerich’s core business was barrel making, but if you know anything about his name or baseball in general, you’ll recognize it as half the brand behind the Hillerich & Bradsby bat company. But to the business of Bourbon & Billets. The company has created an experience in which one is led to use as many as “six award-winning bourbons and tasting materials” to create a custom blend. At the end of the $35 exercise, the amateur blending can buy a full bottle for $45.

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Egan’s Conviction Irish Whiskey Review

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This is an elegant and well-mannered whiskey; balanced, velvet soft, delicately honeyed while delivering a bit of spice across the palate. Easy, easy sipping that deserves some classy nibbles (think caviar and smoked salmon). The brand says this was finished in XO Cognac barrels, but I struggled to discern any Cognac influence other than a little vanilla. While I prefer bolder whiskeys than Irish, this checks all the right boxes for this designation. Fans of the category will love it, and drinkers new to the category will be delighted to start learning here. I won’t be a bit sad to revisit this regularly for my own education.

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Heads & Tails: “Back in the Grave” Edition

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In Chuck Cowdery’s early 2022 edition of his quarterly print piece, “The Bourbon Country Reader,” he says MGP should kill off the George Remus brand and find another name for the otherwise good bourbon created for that SKU. Not only was he a successful Prohibition-era bootlegger, he murdered his wife for infidelity. Linking legal businesses to “criminals and crime,” Cowdery writes … is an especially bad idea for makers and sellers of alcohol.” The brand was created after the portrayal of Remus in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” caught the attention some Cincinnati entrepreneurs. According to Cowdery, they sourced some MGP whiskey and labeled it “George Remus Bourbon,” MGP later bought the brand for itself and began growing it a couple of years ago.