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High West Distillery Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail Review

In Bottled Cocktails by Kyle George2 Comments

Currently there are several bottled manhattans available on the market; High West has really put this one together well. All the right flavor components are there, and are well balanced. In the past when sampling bottled manhattans something was always off or missing for me, they just felt lacking. This was not the case with this offering from High West. If you are not able to make a manhattan at home, or are going to a gathering and don’t want to spend time mixing drinks, this is a great alternative.

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High West Bourye “Limited Sighting” Review

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Bourye is a beautiful whiskey with a great dark amber color. With a slight twirl of the glass, it gives off some nice thick legs. Past renditions of this blend I have not enjoyed, however, I have been very happy with this “Limited Sighting,” as High West is calling it. The nose, while having a little alcohol on it, gives off a beautiful bouquet. The more I sit and nose the glass; the more different notes keep presenting themselves. Would have to say my only real complaint with this pour would be the finish. Wish there was just a little bit more there; while the warmth stays with you, it just doesn’t coat your palate as some other whiskeys do. Overall this is a great product and would encourage everyone to try out.

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Son Of Bourye Review

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Some fellow bloggers told me to pull the trigger on this purchase while in KY and I am glad I did. There are not many bourbon-rye mixes out there to compare this to, so it is actually a unique product. Only a handful of other products come to mind that have done the same thing (Wild Turkey Forgiven, High West Bourye, and Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration). This is another High West product that I really enjoy. The blend of bourbon and rye works really well here. Has a nice balance of sweet and spicy; does great on its own or over the rocks. Another great bottle added to the bar if you can find a bottle now that it’s no longer produced.

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Defiance Whiskey High-Rye Bourbon Review

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While visiting with Bourbon and Banter’s Chief Drinking Officer (CDO) he handed me a small bottle of an unknown product and asked me to sample it without knowing what it was. I had never been given the opportunity to try something completely blind, but I found the experience to be very enjoyable. I am delighted that our CDO gave me this opportunity and it has introduced me to a new product I enjoy.