30 Days of Bourbon Schwag

30 Days of Bourbon Schwag

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30 Days of Bourbon SchwagIt’s hard to believe but we’re quickly coming up on our 1-year anniversary. In fact, we’re only 30-days out from this very exciting milestone on February 21st. To celebrate our first year, we’re launching “30 Days of Bourbon Schwag”.

Over the next 30 days, as we head into our anniversary, we will be giving away various Bourbon Schwag items for every 100 new ‘Likes’ that we receive on our Facebook page. And if we’re lucky enough to reach 3,000 total Facebook page ‘Like’s by February 21st, one lucky winner will receive a half-price ticket to the 2013 Bourbon & Banter Pilgrimage to be held later this year. Yes, you read that right! Somebody’s going to win a pretty sweet deal on this year’s Pilgrimage which is shaping up to be even better than last year’s trip.

Make sure to let your friends know about the “30 Days of Bourbon Schwag” giveaway as well since the more people that ‘Like’ our page, the more schwag we’re going to giveaway. Once you’ve ‘Liked’ our page all you have to do is submit your name and email address and you’re in.  It’s that simple. Click on the link to enter today. 

I want to win some Bourbon Schwag. Enter me in the giveaway right now! (click me)


What is Bourbon Schwag anyway?

Bourbon Schwag is a collection of Bourbon-themed or Bourbon-related items that might include t-shirts, posters, photos, glasses, books, etc. The list of Bourbon Schwag available will vary as we get closer to our 1-year anniversary, but here are a few items we know will be included.

30 Days of Bourbon Schwag


Visit our Facebook page to win some Bourbon Schwag today!


PS – No. We’re not giving away any actual Bourbon as part of this giveaway. However, we are going to require that everyone who enters be 21 years of age or older. We also reserve the right to request proof of age if needed. 


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