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How to Celebrate National Bourbon Day 2018

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Happy National Bourbon Day 2018! We hope your day is off to a great start and that you started your day with a nice shot of America’s native spirit while enjoying scanning the morning’s news headlines.

We know that National Bourbon Day is not an official U.S. holiday so all you holiday haters can relax. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it and do something special to celebrate. Right?

To help you make the most of your day we’ve got a few ideas that we’d like to share with you this year.  We hope you enjoy them and share them with your fellow bourbon lovers.

  • Download Bourbon for Your Computer

    Download our National Bourbon Day wallpaper for your computer and explore our complete collection of desktop wallpapers. They’re the perfect way to keep bourbon on your mind at all times. Download Wallpaper

  • Pay It Forward

    Take one of your most beloved bottles off the shelf, open it, and then invite over a few friends to have a drink. Even better, invite a bourbon newbie to enjoy in the special bottle. You’ll have a great time and rack up some serious bourbon karma.

  • DrinkCurious

    Try a bourbon you’ve never had before. Whether you splurge on limited release or your respect the bottom shelf, break out of your routine and #drinkcurious. We’ve even got some reviews to help you make a selection. Explore Bourbon Reviews

  • Say No to Label Prejudice

    We all do it. We let a bourbon’s bottle label and price point impact our perception of the juice inside the bottle. Today’s the perfect day to put an end to label prejudice by hosting a blind bourbon tasting. Invite over a few friends, have one person pour blind samples and see how people react. You might just discover a new favorite or find new respect for a label you’ve always disliked. If you need help check out a few of our post about tasting bourbon in the blind. Explore Bourbon in the Blind

  • Gear Up

    One can never have enough bourbon gear. From t-shirts and glassware to artwork and flasks, Bourbon & Banter’s Online Shop has it all. And every purchase helps keep things running as smoothly as possible. Head on over to our online store and grab a few items to celebrate. Shop Now

  • Boost Your Bourbon IQ

    Whether you’re putting #4 above into practice today or planning on hosting a bourbon tasting in the near future, you could benefit from grabbing our tasting mat and flavor wheel templates. Available via instant download you’ll have everything you need to host an unforgettable tasting event. Each download template pack comes with free udates for life and includes multiple file formats so you can easily print or customize as needed. Tasting Mat Template Bundle

  • Evangelize

    Keep the bourbon boom alive by evangelize the good word of bourbon. Introduce friends and family to bourbon cocktails, teach then how to use bourbon when cooking or share one our posts with them via social media. Every little act of bourbon evangelization helps keep the bourbon gospel alive and spreading. Go forth and spread the good word!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 7 Ideas for Celebration National Bourbon Day 2018 and plan to put a few of them into action. Just remember that no matter what you do today to celebrate bourbon, do it proudly. It wasn’t so long ago that bourbon lovers had to bond over their mutual love in the back shadows of bars and in the privacy of their own homes.

Go forth my friends and spread the bourbon gospel loudly but don’t forget to schedule an email tonight letting your boss know you’re going to be out sick tomorrow.

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