Affordable Ice Balls For Your Bourbon

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Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold

Okay. I admit it. I really enjoyed typing the title for this blog post.


But I don’t really think people are looking for “ice spheres” to add to their Bourbon. I’m just keeping it real for the common Bourbon folk who might be interested in finding some ice balls to chill their drink. I am a people person after all.

These specific ice balls are courtesy of Tovolo’s Sphere Ice Mold. They come in a set of two and are BPA-free as well as dishwasher safe. At only $14.99 on they’re quite the deal. I think I’m going to order myself a pair and try them out.

If you’re interested in getting your own pair you can order them here:

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds, Set of 2

Tovolo Ice Mold Spheres

If you already own this brand of mold please chime in via the comments section and let us know what you think.


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    Hi Pops,
    I did an experiment. I bought the ice balls and the Tovolo large cubes (makes 6 cubes) to compare. My first piece of advice: Pour the bourbon first! The ice greatly displaces the liquid. I would usually end up pouring heavier drinks. Not that its a bad thing, until you wake up with a slight headache and wonder why after only 2 drinks. That said, I actually prefer the squares better. I don’t reuse the squares, but I do for the spheres. The large cube tray is even cheaper, and we found some at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $7-8 (less if you have their coupon). Also, with the tray, only handwash. Putting it in the dishwasher leaves a slight film on it that the ice transfers to your drink.

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      By the way, the ice sphere molds do work well, and at $14.99 are a lot cheaper than those Japanese things all the “cool” bars are using.

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      i have the Prepara ice balls that run $10 bucks for 4 of them and they work like a charm. Have not tried the Tovolo but for $14 bucks for only 2, doesn’t sound like a great deal.

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        I forgot to mention that Ice balls are the way to go, since they don’t melt as quickly because they are large spheres. Much better than cubes.

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