Ancient Age Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1956

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Happy post-National Bourbon Day or as some people call it, “Friday”! I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday and did their best to spread the bourbon gospel. I welcome you into the weekend with an Ancient Age Bourbon Advertisement from 1956. Ancient Age chose a pretty bold line for this ad. I applaud them for not only their boldness but also their visionary choice in the model they used in the ad. Tell me that guy doesn’t resemble Roger Sterling from Mad Men. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Ancient Age Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1956


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    I have an Ancient Age Bourbon sign with a Rainbow trout on it. The top lettering says “From the Ancient Age Collection” and the bottom section reads “If you find a better bourbon buy it!” I have seen this same sign without the lettering and it says it was a 1960 reproduction of the original.. Do you have any information on this this or can you direct me to someone I may contact for further details?

    Thank you;

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