Antique Kentucky Bourbon Ad Circa 1962

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Today’s vintage bourbon ad comes from 1962 and features Antique Kentucky Bourbon. You can find a good discussion about this brand over on Here’s a quick snippet from Mike Veach that I found in that thread:

Antique Bourbon is one of the major brands for Frankfort Distillery, Inc. This company was founded in 1902 when several rectifying companies merged. Their portfolio included Old Oscar Pepper, Mattingly and Moore and Antique brands. Their distillery was near the forks of the Elkhorn creek near Frankfort but their main sales office was in Louisville. In 1920 they were one of the six companies to receive a permit to sell medicinal whiskey. In 1922 the Paul Jones Company acquired Frankfort Distillery but changed its name to Frankfort Distillery, Inc. to maintain the permit to sell whiskey during prohibition. This added Paul Jones and Four Roses brands to the portfolio. In 1933 the company bought the old Stitzel Distillery on Main Street in Louisville when Stitzel-Weller was formed in Shively. In 1943 Lawrence Jones died and the company was sold to Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. In the 1960’s Seagram dissolved the company. The distillery on Main Street was closed in the 1950’s and the Four Roses Distillery in Shively was closed in the 1960’s.

I personally really like the ad for this bourbon. Can’t quite put my finger on the reason but it just seems to “fit”. That being said, I’d prefer if they would get the stirring stick out of what clearly appears to be a glass of bourbon on the rocks. But then again, it’s Friday and maybe I shouldn’t be too picky.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Antique Kentucky Bourbon Ad Circa 1962


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