Bourbon & Banter April Bourbon Wallpaper

April Bourbon Wallpaper

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We thought long and hard about posting an April Fool’s Day joke but doubted anyone would believe that Jack Daniel’s was going to start calling themselves a bourbon. So instead we’re kicking off the week, and the month, with the April installment of our  Bourbon & Banter Desktop Wallpaper Series.

This month’s wallpaper features an industrial behind-the-scenes photo from Buffalo Trace Distillery. What I enjoy about this photo is the fact that lurking right behind the windows is a huge spirits tank. Unsuspecting folks walking by outside can only see a window and haven’t a clue about what lay a mere 3 feet from the outside. Only after getting a tour of the building do they learn the truth. It definitely got me thinking twice about buildings that I typically drive by don’t give a second thought when heading into work.

Click on the image below for a larger version and then save to your computer in a convenient location. Then follow your operating system’s instructions for how to use it as your desktop wallpaper. Then your done and on your way to impressing your friends with your new computer artwork.

We hope you enjoy this month’s installment. We’ll have another one ready in May.

Bourbon & Banter April Bourbon Wallpaper


You can also purchase a print of this month’s featured photo as part of our Barrel Proof Fine Art Print series.

PS – Please spread the word about our April Bourbon Wallpaper. The more people we get using them the easier it is to spread the Bourbon gospel.


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