Bourbon Drinkers Tip Big

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Drink bourbon & Leave A Big Tip

Adding to the always amusing Bourbon vs Scotch debate let me ask you a question. Who tips bigger?

If you said Bourbon drinkers you’d be right.

According to a recent US survey of over 4 million guest checks, Bourbon drinkers were found to be the biggest tippers with an whopping average of 22.69% of their bill. (Take a moment to pat yourself on your back Bourbon Nation.)  Scotch drinkers on the other hand, averaged a relatively low tip rate of 20.1% despite having the highest average bill totals. You can read more about the ‘Hey Big Spender Survey’ over at The Spirits Business. Here’s a quick rundown of their top-line findings.

Average tip rate by following type of drinkers:

  • 22.39% – Bourbon
  • 22.67% – Blended Whiskey
  • 22.20% – Cider
  • 21.60% – Gin
  • 21.20% – Vodka
  • 20.10% – Scotch
  • 19.80% – Rum
  • 19.60% – Liquers

Surprising to anyone?

Do you line up with the findings based on your personal drink preference and tipping behavior?

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