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We’re 1.5 weeks into the 30 Days of Bourbon Schwag giveaway and we’ve drawn a total of 6 winners. That means we’ve added over 600 new fans to our Bourbon & Banter Facebook page. Wow! Words cannot express how thrilled we are to have so many new Bourbon lovers join our page. As I write this update we’re at a total of 2,118 Likes. If we can get 900 more Likes by February 21st, we’ll give one lucky winner a half-price ticket to the 2013 Bourbon & Banter Pilgrimage to be held later this year. Considering how many people have joined so far I think we can reach 3,000. Have you done your part to spread the word?

As we pull winners out of the giveaway database we send them an email notifying them of their prize. We also update our Facebook page and include their name. However, despite these efforts there are times when we don’t hear back from the winners. I thought we would go ahead and post their names here on the blog as well in case someone knows them and let them know to double-check their email. In the event that they fail to claim their prize by February 21st we will draw replacement winners. So don’t lose hope if you haven’t won anything yet. We’ve got lots more to giveaway  and you might just get a second, third or fourth chance come February 21st.

Here are the winners so far…

30DaysBourbonSchwagWinners1 30DaysBourbonSchwagWinners2 30DaysBourbonSchwagWinners3

Thanks again to everyone who has entered the giveaway and become a fan of our page and best of luck!




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