Four Roses Bourbon Ad Featuring Skiers Relaxing in the Mountains

Four Roses Whiskey Ad Circa 1962

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It’s been hot and humid all week so I’m thinking a snow filled advertisement for Four Roses whiskey is perfect for today’s installment of vintage bourbon ads. This Four Roses ad is from 1962.

Notice anything interesting about the ad? (scroll down for more info)

Four Roses Bourbon Ad Featuring Skiers


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If you read the small proof at the bottom of the ad you’ll notice that Four Roses is listed as a “blended whiskey” and contains 60% grain neutral spirits. Yep, that’s right. Those of you that know your Four Roses history will know what this is all about. For those of you unfamiliar with the horrors that were heaped upon this famous brand you should check out the Four Roses Wikipedia page. I especially like the entry’s use of “rotgut”. Reading the history will definitely make you appreciate your next glass of Four Roses bourbon even more. There’s a special place in heaven reserved for Master Distiller Jim Rutledge to reward him for his efforts to bring back Four Roses bourbon to the US.

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