Golden Wedding Whiskey Circa 1941

Golden Wedding Whiskey Ad Circa 1941

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Leading us into a bourbon-filled weekend today is a 1941 advertisement from Golden Wedding Whiskey. Sold in 1941 as a whiskey made from “wedding” 5 whiskies (primarily bourbon and rye) into one distinct whiskey, the brand is now a low-cost Canadian whisky. Mike Veach has a timeline of the product available here for those that want a little more background. While I like the ad itself I’m not sure if this stuff was drinkable. Would love for someone to chime in via the comments and let us know if they’ve ever had the product from back in the 1940’s.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Golden Wedding Whiskey Circa 1941



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    Working on my retirement project of transcribing 36 years of my father’s daily diary entries. Today I passed through December 23, 1944 on which my dad writes “Gave Bob Carter a fifth of Golden Wedding for an Xmas present.” Bob Carter was an architect in Essex CT with whom my dad (Curtis D. Clifford, Builder, Lyme Conn) collaborated on various building projects. They were friends, so I’m assuming Golden Wedding was good stuff, or Dad wouldn’t have blessed Mr. Carter with this gift.
    I remember my Dad was fond of Old Overholt Whiskey, Bottled in Bond. I find it in my local PA Wine and Spirits store. I prefer the 80 proof rye, though.

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