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I’m a little behind in featuring another member of the Bourbon & Banter community. My apologies as clearly the bourbon drinking has gotten in the way of my focus. 

May’s Member Spotlight features Grant Johnson from Franklin, WI. Grant’s been a member of our community for a long time and is a frequent commenter and contributor on our Facebook page. He’s also the President & CEO of Johnson Direct, a direct marketing firm that does some pretty awesome work.

Please give Grant a big welcome as we celebrate his love for Bourbon this month.

BTW, if you know Grant personally and have some funny stories to share please leave them in the comments.

Grant A. Johnson

Name:Grant A. Johnson
City:Franklin, WI (Yes, I’m a “Damn Yankee”)
Favorite Bourbons:

It’s a long list. I have had a lot, sampling many brands over the past 31 years.

Value – Eagle Rare | Old Grand Dad 114 | Rebel Yell

Mid-Priced – Elmer T. Lee | Buffalo Trace | Russell Reserve 10 | Woodford Double Oaked

High-End – Pappy 20yo | Blanton’s Gold | Blanton’s | W. H. Harrison Governor’s Reserve

Go-to choice – Elmer T. Lee (same mash bill as Blanton’s at 25% savings)

Note: Still quite a few to sample, so I reserve the right to update this list!

Least Favorite Bourbons:“Most Wanted”, anything with flavoring (Red Stagg and Evan Williams Honey are both dreadful) and Phillips.
How I Drink My Bourbon: Typically on the rocks, but more neat and with stones as of late. I also enjoy an occasional bourbon old fashion, made of course with less expensive bourbon.
What is it about bourbon that you enjoy the most?:The deep, complex flavor and the way it makes me feel – it relaxes me. As a friend says, “It’s a snuggie in a bottle.” I love how each brand and each barrel can be unique and searching for the perfect bottle is a fun adventure. I like the anticipated feeling of opening a new bottle and comparing the taste to other bourbon’s I’ve tried.
How did you come to be a bourbon fan?: When I was 18 I drank beer (still do) but was looking to try some new things. I started with 7&7, then moved to Jim Beam and Coke. I did try other things later like scotch (cough syrup) rum (not much variance in flavor), brandy (too sweet), tequila and gin (pine needles), but eventually found my way to the single barrel selections I most often enjoy today and drink bourbon almost exclusively. I guess I was a trendsetter at 18 based upon the popularity of bourbon today.
What do you enjoy most about the Bourbon & Banter community?:The group is made up of, um, kindred “spirits!” I enjoy the banter, meeting new friends and reading about how other’s enjoy their bourbon, what kinds and what they think of each selection they sample. I like to see what people love and hate so I can narrow down my future purchases. I do feel, as the group’s name suggests, that bourbon is the perfect spirit for sipping and enjoying intelligent conversation with friends and family and the two make an incredible pairing.


Grant A. Johnson Bourbon Collection


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