May 2012 Bourbon Dinner & Tasting Recap

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Thanks again to everyone that joined us for our first ever Bourbon & Banter Dinner Tasting event at Blood and Sand. It was a great evening and I enjoyed getting to see everyone. (Many for the first time!)

I’d also like to thank our host, TJ, from Blood and Sand for a wonderful dinner. Attendees were treated to a menu that consisted of Chilled Tomato Consomme, Filet of Beer and Frozen Goat Milk Yogurt. I’ve been a fan of Blood and Sand for quite a while now and our dinner was a clear example of why I love it so much.

The tasting portion of our evening was led by Mitch Turner from Major Brands. Mitch do a superb job of walking each table through what they were drinking and definitely increased my whiskey IQ over the course of the evening. My sincere thanks to you Mitch for leading our tasting and making the evening a success.

The whiskey tasting menu is below. And yes, there are some non-Bourbons on the list. The idea behind our tasting was to taste 2 bourbons at a time to experience the difference between similar style Bourbons or whiskeys. The Canadian whiskeys were thrown in as another example of the contrasts present between similar styles of whiskey. I have to admit that the Canadian Club 10-year wasn’t bad. But the Forty Creek CA whiskey was really good. It’s made by a gentleman who makes his whiskey like he made wine for over 20-years. He’s doing some pretty interesting things up North and I suggest you check him out and try some if you get the chance.

What really made the evening though was the people that came out and joined us. My sincere thanks to each and everyone of you for making our first event a success. I look forward to our next event and sharing many more glasses of Bourbon with you over the years to come.



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