Medley Bros. Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1951

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Another Friday is here at last! Today’s ad is from Medley Bros. Bourbon, a brand that I’ve never come across before.  Here’s a link to their current operations website.  It appears that they just started producing bourbon again in mid-2009 with plans to age their bourbon for at least 4 years. They are owned by Angostura, Ltd. who is supposed to launch a bourbon brand using the stocks produced at CMDK.  I wasn’t able to locate an intel on that topic so if someone has some news to share please drop a note in the comments section.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy the ad and have a great weekend. Personally, I’m going to make it rain bourbon since there isn’t any other type of rain happening. Umbrellas not required.


Medley Bros. Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1951


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