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This week’s bourbon advertisement is from Old Grand-Dad Special Selection circa 1980.

I especially like this line, “You’ll know why we recommend it to people who drink Bourbon for sheer enjoyment.” Which I suppose is different than people who drink it to get @#[email protected] up. Always nice when you have to make that clarification. I’m glad the industry has bounced back and we don’t need such explanations. (Or do we?)

Old Grand Dad Expensive Ad


PS – I hope you’ve been enjoying these old advertisements. Just a teaser that I’ve found some even cooler ads that I’lld start sharing next week. Have a great weekend!


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    Love it Patrick! Keep ’em coming! I’m heading back home to the Bardstown, KY area next week and will be visiting some folks at a couple of local distilleries… I’ll see what my camera lens might be able to capture for you.

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      Just found an unopened bottle of this cleaning out my parents house in NJ.

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