Old Grand-Dad Bourbon Ad Circa 1969 photo

Old Grand-Dad Bourbon & Eastern Airlines Ad Circa 1969

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 Old Grand-Dad Bourbon Ad Circa 1969 photoToday’s bourbon ad is a little different. This 1969 ad is a mashup between Old Grand-Dad bourbon and Eastern Airlines. They use the fact that all whiskeys cost the same on an airplane to convince people to try Old Grand-Dad and stick with it once they’re back on the ground. Don’t know how successful the ad was but I applaud their creativity on this one. Here’s the actual text from the ad since I wasn’t able to find a larger version to share.

At 30,000 feet, eve the most expensive whiskey costs no more. We suspect that a goodly number of air passengers are seizing the opportunity to try Grand-Dad. And responding to the smoothness that has made it the classic American whiskey. On the ground, Grand-Dad does cost more. Yet it’s still outdistancing the rest of the Bourbon family. It just proves that some people know value no matter where they are.

Good stuff! Now, if I could only go back in time when they charged a $1 for a bottle of whiskey on an airplane.

Hell, I’d even dress up for the occasion. Cheers!







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