Ole Smoky Moonshine – Legal Tennessee Moonshine

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Do you love moonshine but would like to be able to drink it in public without fear of the law? Then Tennessee’s first legal moonshine, Ole Smoky Moonshine, might just be something you’d be interested in learning more about.

At about $40 and available in apple pie, peach, blackberry or neutral, Ole Smoky Moonshine is based on a family distilling tradition that goes back 200 years. They even offer seasonal flavor varieties available only at the distillery.

Check out their website to learn more about the history of moonshine, why they are able to bring this to market now and where you can get your hands on their product. As for me I’m thinking that the Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries would make a good addition to the home bar.

A party in a jar! · Ole Smoky’s ® Moonshine Cherries ™ are an Appalachian party tradition. Each jar is hand-filled with fresh maraschino cherries soaked in Ole Smoky’s ® 100 proof moonshine. Each cherry says a sweet hello followed by a warm goodbye. Once the cherries have disappeared, enjoy the remaining Cherry Moonshine straight up or create the ultimate Cherry Coke or Shirley Temple. Pick up a jar of Ole Smoky’s Moonshine Cherries ™ on your way to any party or simply keep them all to yourself. Good day? Have a cherry. Bad day? Have a cherry.


 Ole Smokey Moonshine

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