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The last six months have been an exciting time for Bourbon & Banter. Our Facebook community has grown significantly and we were able to launch our website just a few weeks ago. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success.  Your posts, photos and stories are what B&B is all about. I’d like to launch a new feature for the website starting today – The Bourbon & Banter Member Spotlight.

To kick things off I’d like to introduce you to Steve Lewis. Steve has been an active voice in the community for quite a while. When he sent me the photos below I just knew I had to ask him to be our first member in the spotlight. I hope you enjoy this new feature. As always please share your feedback with us via the comments feature after the post.

Name: Steve Lewis
City: Kennesaw, GA
Favorite Bourbons: Everyday – Buffalo Trace | 1792| Elmer T. Lee
Top Shelf – George T. Stagg | Pappy Van Winkle | Blanton’s 
Least Favorite Bourbons: I’m sure I’ve had bad bourbon; I just don’t remember when.
How I Drink My Bourbon:  Neat–always.  If it’s a high proof like GTS, WLW, or Bookers, I will
add a dram of water.
What is it about bourbon that you enjoy the most?: Since I learned that bourbon is best sipped and savored, and not as a
“shot”, I’ve learned to relax and enjoy my bourbon.  I enjoy the
personality of the bourbons.  There are times when I want a Blanton’s
and times when Buffalo Trace is on my mind.  I like it best, sitting
in my chair, with my wife, watching one of our crime shows.
How did you come to be a bourbon fan?:  Literally, it’s in my genes.  My daddy was a Jim Beam man.  I can
remember him fixing a hot toddy for me when I was a kid.
Unfortunately, my father passed when I was a teenager and I never got to share a glass with him.  Thirty plus years later, my brother and I
still enjoy a good glass while we chill out. 
What do you enjoy most about the Bourbon & Banter community?: I enjoy sharing information about what’s new and on the market, as
well as sharing comments and thoughts about what I’m having–along
with who, and where.


“We had a tasting this Friday.  The idea was expand our horizons with some samples of scotch. Our local proprietor and a rep from a distributor brought these for us to try. Because they know we are such good bourbon customers, they also brought BT and FR Single Barrel, along with BT White Dog and Sazerac Rye.  I got the BT hat because….I’m such a great guy.”


[box type=”info”]Want to be featured in our Member Spotlight? Drop us a note and let us know. If selected we’ll send you a few questions to answer and ask that you send us your photo and a photo of your current bourbon collection. Don’t be shy. Everyone needs at least 15 minutes of Bourbon Fame.[/box] 



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    love The Bourbon & Banter Member Spotlight, not sure about the hat though…

    thats way to much scotch for my liking, whats bt white dog like? and also interested in Sazerac Rye, nice? how does it compare to rittenhouse rye?

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