Ten High Bourbon Ad Circa 1937

Ten High Bourbon Circa 1937

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I’ve got a unique vintage Bourbon ad for everyone today circa 1937. This one features Ten High Bourbon and illustrates how to double your enjoyment of golf. Not only is it speaking to a very specific audience but it’s a two-page spread from Life Magazine. I’m not a golfer so I hope a few golf lovers will weigh in via the comments and let us know if the advice given is still accurate today. For a Bourbon that was “under a dollar in most cities” they sure did pull out the stops with this advertisement. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand you can get some info here.  I think the most interesting facts are that the Bourbon was made in Peoria, IL and while the name refers to a specific location in the rack house where barrels mature faster (10 racks high),  the distiller never actually promised that Ten High Bourbon was from barrels aged in such locations. I just love Bourbon marketing lore!

I hope you’re Friday is off to a great start and that you have some plans to take weekend relaxing to a whole new level. As for me I have some good friends swinging by for a visit on Sunday so I plan on dusting off some of the really good bottles and prepping myself for a great day of Bourbon & Banter.

Ten High Bourbon Ad Circa 1937





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