Top 5 Things To Do On National Bourbon Day

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Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for all year. The one day that I can drink bourbon all day and have a honest excuse for my excess.

That’s right folks, it’s National Bourbon Day!!!

Sure. Some people would argue that drinking all day is a little excessive and that I should wait until after work. But hey, we don’t just celebrate Christmas for a few hours out of the day do we? Heck no! We celebrate Christmas for days if not weeks. By comparison my, and hopefully your, celebration of National Bourbon Day is short and to the point. If you find yourself being chastised for putting bourbon in your coffee or ordering a Manhattan at lunch just remember that the people you’re with may not realize it’s National Bourbon Day. Please remain calm and educate them to today’s importance. And then do the right thing…buy them a glass of bourbon.

And if you’re really looking for ways to take your celebration to the next level I’d like to offer up Bourbon & Banter’s Top 5 Things To Do On National Bourbon Day. It’s a practical list of recommendations to really maximize your consumption of all things bourbon related. Please share it with your friends who may not be as bourbon-wise as you are so they can start to appreciate what bourbon has given to the world.

Top 5 Things To Do For National Bourbon Day
5.Drink More Bourbon
4.Read & then share some awesome vintage bourbon advertisements.
Hey look here. Here’s a link to some great vintage bourbon ads.
3.While performing #5 above take a photo of your drink & send us the photo so we can share with everyone. Bonus points if you share it on our Facebook page as well.
Here’s what others have shared with us in the past.
2.Try a bourbon that you’ve never had before.
We just happen to have some reviews you can use in your research.
1.Become a bourbon VIP. Treat yourself to the ultimate bourbon pilgrimage to Kentucky. (sorry, no trip this year)

We hope everyone has a wonderful – and safe – National Bourbon Day! Make sure to spread the bourbon gospel with your family and friends. Cheers!



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    We are celebrating but helping Fathers in the Chicago area appreciate whiskies at Whisky Live at the Games-Chicago Sat Jun 16th and Bourbons are a major part of the tasting day!

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