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U.S. Whiskey Map Infographic

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Came across this fantastic whiskey map infographic the other from the folks over at SloshSpot.  I’d been thinking about the need for something like this specific to just Bourbon but I lack the necessary design skills to pull it off.  So I’m thrilled that they put this together for all of us to enjoy.

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    Cincinnati OH is on the border of Kentucky, not Lake Erie…you’ve got it in the Toledo/Sandusky/Cleveland area on the map.

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    We make Bourbon in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rock Town Distillery is the distillery name. Please add us to the map.


    1. Patrick Author

      Thanks for the note Phil. I’d love to add you guys to the map but I’m not the creator. Only the sharer…if you will. However, if I get enough resources to make my own I’ll definitely work to put you guys on it. Keep the feedback coming. Cheers!

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    Love it, great find! There are some not on there, but I guess it depends when this was put together. Great map!

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