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Coppercraft Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskies Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Jarrod LapatoLeave a Comment

This Blended Straight Bourbon is ‘duller’ on the nose, but at the same time, much deeper. Despite the slightly higher ABV, the alcohol vapors were not as prevalent and I was able to more easily pick up the bold notes of chewy molasses and robust baking spices. The overall profile is much richer, earthier, and rounder without all the overpowering alcohol notes.

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Coppercraft Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Jeffrey Schwartz3 Comments

To get a direct, head to head comparison, I sampled the two bourbons side by side. It may be a product of my own expectations, but this Straight Bourbon left me a bit underwhelmed. While it is touted as their ‘sipping whiskey’, and the Blended Bourbon as their ‘cocktail whiskey’, I found the Straight Bourbon to be much hotter despite the lower ABV. It had more alcohol in both the nose and the palate, which made it rather difficult to appreciate the more subtle flavors lurking beneath the mighty vapors. It was quite crisp, but at the same time surprisingly shallow.

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How The Bourbon Crusaders Determined the Best Bourbons on the Shelf

In Banter by Brett Atlas25 Comments

What may have been overshadowed by the shocking and magical live auction at “Willett To Be Cured” was the months-long, massive blind tasting to determine the best bourbons that can still be found on most store shelves. 60 bourbons fought their way into the top 10, where they battled it out November 3rd in an effort to be named “Best on the Shelf.” The effort, the science and the coordination that went into this competition are worth examining closer.

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Tarnished Truth 3 Year Old High Rye Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Lee Stang2 Comments

Tarnished Truth is a new distillery that opened in March 2018. It is located in the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. According to their press, they are the only distillery located in a hotel and the hotel features their products. They are presently distilling and aging their own bourbon but in the meantime they have sourced bourbon from MGP in Indiana under the watchful eye of Larry Ebersold, a master distiller who worked for Seagram’s (currently MGP) for more than 35 years.

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Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Steve Coomes6 Comments

Read the Brand’s Notes to understand why this is a twice-barreled product. It’ll help you understand why it’s so fruity, sweet and tannic. Sipped at 93 proof, it’s perfect. With a splash of water, the fruit notes become juicier, the mouthfeel pleasantly heavier and spice notes emerge. As the last expression to be added to the Whiskey Row Series, there’s hardly a better way to cap off a multiline series so well.

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Black Feather American Bourbon Whiskey Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Jeffrey SchwartzLeave a Comment

I’m always excited to #DrinkCurious. When I was first approached to review Black Feather, it was something I’d not ever heard of, so I jumped at the chance.

Black Feather is a younger, MGP-sourced Bourbon. It comes in a very nice presentation, using a heavy bottle with “Black Feather” embossed in the glass, a thick, paper label, and a wax top. My bottle is from Batch 1.