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Stolen X Rock & Rye Review

In Bottled Cocktails by Erin PetreyLeave a Comment

I am always wary of any brands that market themselves as being best as a shot (aka: reducing the time you have to actually taste it). Liquors that are designed to have as little booze flavor as possible to minimize the displeasure of delivering alcohol quickly to the blood stream are all the same. After all, Drinking Curious is also Drinking Responsibly. Whether it’s honey, cinnamon, or old-fashioned-inspired “whiskey-based” spirits, they are all meant to be tossed in the freezer, peddled by scantily clad promo models, and not worthy of a spot in any decent liquor cabinet.

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Rolling Standard Midwestern Four-Grain Whiskey Review

In American Whiskey Reviews by Jeffrey Schwartz6 Comments

Rolling Standard Midwestern Four-Grain Whiskey is a very interesting approach to creating a four-grain. Instead of using all four grains together in the same mash, Union Horse Distilling distilled a wheated Bourbon and distilled an American Single Malt, aged both for five years, and then blended them together. After the blending process, the whiskey is then returned to those barrels another 18 months together before being blended again as a small batch. It is non-chill filtered and bottled at 92°.

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Ilegal Mezcal Añejo Review

In Tequila Reviews by Curt McAdamsLeave a Comment

I’m going to be really transparent here and state that I have never been a tequila fan. I’d tried several tequilas over the years, but found them all to have a bite to them I didn’t care for, including some I was told were fairly high end. Last spring, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my brother suggested I try mezcal since I’m a fan of peaty Scotch whiskies. Before doing so, though, I had to look up some info on mezcal, from a whisky drinker’s perspective.

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Waterloo Antique Gin Review

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I am Whiskeyfellow. I am not Ginfellow, and despite the fact that, at the time of this review, there are two hilarious videos of me drinking Malort, I am most definitely not Malortfellow. I review whiskey, it is what I know, it is what I enjoy, and it is my niche. However, there’s this whole damned #DrinkCurious lifestyle that I’ve honestly embraced.

Before I even pour Treaty Oak’s Waterloo Antique Gin in my glass, I’m going to be perfectly transparent. I don’t just dislike gin, I hate it. Gin was my dad’s drink. He loved Gibson martinis, straight up, with a hint of vermouth. My hating gin has nothing to do with my father, I’m just saying this because I’ve been around gin much of my life. I’ve tried many gins from many distillers and I’m going on record stating that I have never found one that I like. To me, they all taste like grabbing a Christmas tree branch and brushing my teeth with it.

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David James Bourbon and American Whiskey Review

In American Whiskey Reviews, Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Paul NeedhamLeave a Comment

David James Spirits, out of Kentucky, is seemingly in that awkward adolescent phase that a lot of craft distillers must go through. Their website touts a “Purity focused” product that is in the works and that they are excited to put out in roughly three years. During this waiting time, distillers must make a choice: do they bottle some of their own juice while it’s young and maybe not up to their own standards, or do they outsource the aging to other distillers and bottle the work of someone else?

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Bardstown Bourbon Company: Fusion Series #1 Review

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The Bardstown Bourbon Company bills themselves as the first Napa Valley style destination on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1 represents the distillery’s first Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and is a collaboration of their distillery, beverage and culinary teams. This is a blend of 3 different bourbons. Two of the bourbons, making up 60% of the blend are, from Bardstown Bourbon Company and are just over two years old. The remaining 40% of the blend is a sourced bourbon from Kentucky that is over 11 years old.

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Vermouth Routin Original Rouge: Your Cocktail’s Next Best Friend

In Cocktails by Erin Petrey3 Comments

know you came here to read about whiskey but when discussing whiskey-based cocktails the lead spirit isn’t always the most important player. This is never truer than when discussing Vermouth. The type of Vermouth you use in a cocktail can either sink it into disaster or elevate it to greatness. Ever on the hunt for an exceptional Vermouth to pair with my whiskey, Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is a welcome addition to my cocktail bar. With flavors of jammy fig, rich oak, deep caramel, and baking spices, this Vermouth is a perfect complement to even the stoutest of whiskies.