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Bourbon Justice Book Review

In Book Reviews by Brett Atlas2 Comments

It’s also a dusty hunter’s dream. I finally learned the origins of some pre-prohibition whiskeys I’ve tried including Old Jordan (found in a 3-gallon glass carboy in a pharmacist’s office!), as well as a bottle from The American Medicinal Spirits Corporation that Pops poured some lucky Bourbon & Banter writers at his house a couple of years ago.

You’ve certainly read about landmark bourbon citations including the Bottled-In-Bond Act, the Taft Decision and others. But nobody until now has put them in their rightful historical context. Haara’s crowning achievement with Bourbon Justice is to emphasize bourbon’s true impact on the future of American business.

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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B518 Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Jeffrey Schwartz5 Comments

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m a sucker for Elijah Craig. This doesn’t mean that any of the various expressions get a free pass from me, rather, it means when I see a new incarnation, I get excited and will buy a bottle untasted. When reviewing it, I give it the same unbiased opportunity for Bottle, Bar or Bust as I do with anything else. There have been a couple of unimpressive releases in the barrel proof versions.

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Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Lee Stang1 Comment

I received a bottle of the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades Bourbon this past Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I have already finished it. When the Wild Turkey Revival became available, I purchased it almost immediately. I am sure this bottle will empty as quickly as well. While I have tasted Wild Turkey products in the past and the first rye whiskey in my collection was the Wild Turkey 6 year old rye, I never had much if any in my cabinet until about this time last year when I started trying different releases and I realized what I had been missing.

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Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Jeffrey Schwartz3 Comments

We’ve all been there. You have a few friends who pick up a pricey bottle, they tell you what a great whiskey is inside and that you have to get a bottle of your own. You consider what your friends say, then consider other options similarly priced, and you pass on the opportunity – at least for the moment. Joseph Magnus is an MGP-sourced Bourbon that was triple-finished in Cognac, Oloroso Sherry, and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.