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Seed To Shaker: Six Unique Culinary Herbs For Exceptional Garnish

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Craft Cocktails have entered a second golden age. There are more craft distilleries, opening up every day, the big boys are aging more specialty lines, and Instagram allows the sipping enthusiast as well as master mixologists a chance to explore cutting-edge creations in real time as the best in the world push the limits of what is possible. Part of the new golden age equation is the rise of the farm to table movement.

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Cava: Your Summer Bourbon Cocktail Companion

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Whiskey in the Winter is a perfect pairing. The slightly warmer nights of spring also make brown spirits a good fit. But as soon as the weather starts to turn summery hot, I start to crave a cold glass of bubbly. From May on, I make sure my house is always stocked with a case of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, my favorite, affordable cava. Cava is the perfect drink for summer, as it is light, effervescent, and not too sweet. As far as sparkling wines go, cava is the closest to Champagne in terms of flavor profile and, in many cases, much cheaper. Fortunately for us, bourbon and cava work tremendously together.

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Aged & Infused Review

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Ever get tired of plain old delicious whiskey? Me neither. But around here the motto is “Drink Curious” or as I like to say, “Try all the drinks.” Aged & Infused makes whiskey infusion kits. Similar to those meal delivery kits you’ve seen ads for or heard about on podcasts, all of the ingredients are individually pre-packaged and designed for ease of use. The process is simple: Open the jar and remove the packages of ingredients, open packages and put ingredients back in the jar, fill the jar with bourbon, wait one week, enjoy.