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Baseball Sour Bourbon Cocktail

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It’s World Series time! Maybe your team is in it, maybe they were plagued with injuries and never had a chance. Regardless, you need a drink. This variation on the whiskey sour adds Aperol for a bit of the bitter taste of defeat. Add in the baseball stitching effect and you’ve got one hell of a drink to enjoy while watching the Cardinals battle the Red Sox.   Baseball Sour Bourbon Cocktail 2 oz bourbon ¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice ¾ oz honey syrup* ½ oz Aperol 1 egg white Dry shake the ingredients together without ice for 30 seconds to emulsify the …

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A Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Cocktail for National Liqueur Day

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Happy National Liqueur Day! Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m a bourbon drinker! Liqueur is not my style.” I’d ask you to give this cocktail a try. There is, after all, chocolate involved. And I promise it’s not too sweet. I used Old Weller Antique for the bourbon and I made my own Chocolate Liqueur which was very easy to make. If you don’t feel like making your own or are looking for instant gratification you could substitute your favorite brand of chocolate liqueur.  Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Cocktail 2 oz. Old Weller Antique 1/2 oz Chocolate liqueur 2 dashes Angostura Bitters Stir together in …

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Fall Fashion Issue: An Old Fashioned Cocktail Perfect for Autumn

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The Old Fashioned is not so much a single cocktail as a style of cocktail. Originally, cocktail meant the drink consisted of a spirit, bitters, sugar and water. When new drinks were created with things like vermouth and absinthe, one who wanted the original style would order an “old fashioned cocktail.” While we think of it as a whiskey drink, it can really be made with any spirit. You actually could make a vodka old fashioned, but it would be rather bland and we probably wouldn’t be friends anymore.   In autumn, I like to add the seasonal flavor of apples. Cider …

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Boardwalk Empire Cocktail Recipes

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Our friends over at Original Penguin teamed up with the folks at MOJO bar in Leeds to create create three prohibition-inspired cocktails to celebrate the return of Boardwalk Empire. Here’s the story. Anyone who has watched Boardwalk Empire will have noticed how the show’s lead characters enjoy a cocktail or two to help unwind from all the drama going on around them. To celebrate the return of the fourth series of the hit HBO show, heritage clothing brand Original Penguin has produced three extra-special cocktails for people to enjoy in moderation as they watch the latest series. These three “new” …

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Celebrate National Coffee Day with Bourbon

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It’s Sunday morning. It’s National Coffee Day. And it’s always a great day for Bourbon.  In 2009, I went on my first tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. It provided all of the familiar smells of mash and oak, and the tour was fascinating as always. The end of a distillery tour is a favorite of mine, as it usually features a tasting. At Buffalo Trace, we were offered the namesake Bourbon, a sampling of white dog, and something I had never seen before: Bourbon Cream. A longtime fan of Irish Cream (in coffee, especially), I was …

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Mississippi Punch Recipe

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Falling right between International Talk Like a Pirate Day and Miniature Golf Day, it’s National Rum Punch Day! Of course this is Bourbon & Banter, not Rum & Repartee (patent pending), so we had to make sure America’s Native Spirit was in the mix. This 19th-century punch comes to us via Jerry Thomas, the father of American mixology. (For more info on Thomas and the history of cocktails check out David Wondrich’s Imbibe!) With four ounces of booze and just a touch of lemon juice and sugar, it lives up to it’s name as a “punch.”   Mississippi Punch 2oz cognac 1oz …

These Aren’t Your College Roommate’s Jello Shots

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  Whether you’ve been out of college a few months or a few decades, I’m sure you remember a night when you and a few Jello shots got a little too cozy, and things got out of hand. Sticky fingers, artificial colors, acrid flavors, and one hell of a hangover—sound familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to write off Jello shots (or their estranged cousin, the pudding shot) just yet. Don’t worry, there will be no recipes for plastic-handle-vodka-Jaeger-and-strawberry-Jello shooters. These feature lots of bourbon and, dare we say it, actually taste good! Let’s start …

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Bourbon Jam Cocktail Recipe

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Several weeks ago I was contacted by a PR firm asking if Bourbon & Banter would be interested in having one of the mixologists that represented create a cocktail for Bourbon & Banter in celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month. Never one to turn down a free drink I jumped at the chance but requested that cocktails meet two very specific criteria: It must use one of my favorite bourbons – Antique Weller* It has to be easy enough to make at home without the need for expensive or hard to acquire ingredients Fast forward a few weeks and I’m pleased …

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Bourbon Cocktails In 1964

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1964 was an interesting year for Americans. Lyndon B. Johnson was the president, millions of people attended the mid-century marvel, the New York Worlds Fair, and Bourbon was legally declared “a distinctive product of the United States”. This was big news and cemented Bourbon’s status years later as “America’s Native Spirit”. Americans in the mid-60s had fully embraced cocktail culture and over-the-top home entertaining was in style. The Southern Comfort “Barmate” publication, distributed with the November 1964 issue of Playboy, is a fine example of the recipes of the time. Although it’s a booklet made to introduce people to this …