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Wild Turkey Bourbon Drink Recipes

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Are you still looking for a few Bourbon inspired drink recipes to fuel your Super Bowl party? We’ve got a few Wild Turkey Bourbon drink recipes to share today courtesy of the folks over at Wild Turkey. We haven’t had a chance to test any of these out so let us know what you think if you give one a try. I’m particularly interested in someone trying the Give em the Bird Blitz Recipe since it contains “fig jam”. Here’s to everyone having a great Super Bowl Sunday. Cheers!   Give em the Bird Blitz 1 tablespoon fig jam 1½ …

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Boardwalk Empire Premiere Inspired Prohibition-Era Cocktails

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I received an email from our friends over at Campari featuring some prohibition-era cocktails inspired by the upcoming Boardwalk Empire Premiere on HBO. I’ve seen the show a few times and enjoyed it but I don’t have HBO at this time so I’ll be missing the premiere. That doesn’t mean though that I won’t give one or two of these cocktail recipes a try. Let us know if you try them out and make sure to tell us which one was your favorite. Old PalCreated by Cocktail Enthusiast 1 1/2 oz. Wild Turkey 81 Rye Whiskey3/4 oz. dry vermouth3/4 oz. …

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The Dark Knight, Wild Turkey & Jimmy Russell

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About a week or so ago I was fortunate enough to attend a Wild Turkey tasting dinner at Blood and Sand, a St. Louis dining club. The dinner was absolutely amazing. Each course was paired with a different cocktail featuring one of Wild Turkey’s bourbons or ryes.  After 4 stunning courses of food I had consumed at least 5 cocktails with a healthy dose of whiskey in each. To say that I was enjoying myself would be an understatement. Despite how good the food was it wasn’t my favorite part of the evening. The best part was that we were …

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Call For July 4th Bourbon Cocktails

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Today is the last day of the work week for me as I was lucky enough to get a few days off at they July 4h holiday. I’m working on some major projects for the blog and I hope that a few days off will allow me to focus on them a bit more than usual. I suppose there’s the chance that I’ll loose focus once the bourbon starts to flow this evening but I guess that’s not a bad thing either. Before things go off the rails I’d like to know what bourbon concoctions you have planned for your …

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Wild Turkey American Honey & A Beautiful Redhead

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What does Wild Turkey American Honey have in common with a beautiful redhead?  That’s a good question. Lucky for you I’m going to answer that question and share one hell of a recipe for some summer sipping bourbon iced tea. Take a seat and let me begin my story… Meet Kate. She’s the beautiful redhead I’m talking about. 13 years ago this weekend she did me the honor of becoming my wife and partner in crime.  While it was obvious I was marrying well above my pay grade, I had no idea just how amazing the next 13 years would …