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Ragtime Rye Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey News by Frank Dobbins1 Comment

While New York Distilling Company’s standard rye expression is only aged for 3 years and lacks the punch to capture a serious whiskey enthusiast’s attention, their 4-year Ragtime Rye Bottled-In-Bond Whiskey offering is here to pick up the slack. The aromas it presents are immediately inviting, starting with a salted caramel, suntan lotion, and lavender medley that work in harmony despite being a bit unusual. They’re followed by more entrancing notes like stewed apples, cookie dough, and Brazil nuts and before one even has a chance to give it a taste the mouth is watering!

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Heads & Tails: “Back in the Grave” Edition

In Banter, Drink News, Heads & Tails, Industry News by Steve Coomes1 Comment

In Chuck Cowdery’s early 2022 edition of his quarterly print piece, “The Bourbon Country Reader,” he says MGP should kill off the George Remus brand and find another name for the otherwise good bourbon created for that SKU. Not only was he a successful Prohibition-era bootlegger, he murdered his wife for infidelity. Linking legal businesses to “criminals and crime,” Cowdery writes … is an especially bad idea for makers and sellers of alcohol.” The brand was created after the portrayal of Remus in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” caught the attention some Cincinnati entrepreneurs. According to Cowdery, they sourced some MGP whiskey and labeled it “George Remus Bourbon,” MGP later bought the brand for itself and began growing it a couple of years ago.