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Introducing The Whiskey Barons Collection

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The Whiskey Barons Collection is an ambitious undertaking to honor and recreate historically significant Bourbons that were lost after Prohibition. Our mission is to resurrect these remarkable spirits so current and future generations of whiskey lovers can taste history while giving back to the Kentucky community that sparked so much Bourbon lore. Though most of the original recipes and distilling techniques have been lost to the ravages of time, we are painstakingly piecing together these lost gems with the help of living members of these noble distilling families, historic records, tasting notes, and talented distillers.

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Lux Row Distillers: Luxco’s New Whiskey Distillery

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This past week, Luxco announced the name of its distillery currently being built in Bardstown, Kentucky: Lux Row Distillers.

The new distillery is located in Nelson County on a 70-acre site off state highway KY-245, in the heart of Bardstown. When completed, the 18,000-square foot building will include six barrel warehouses, a tasting room and event space. The distillery is scheduled to open in the last quarter of 2017. The name reflects the distillery and the company managing all whiskey production.

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Maker’s Mark Private Select Reimagines Barrel Selection

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Maker’s Mark is one of the most iconic bourbon brands of the modern age. Bill and Margie Samuels lead the way, post-prohibition, in bourbon marketing, tourism, and helping people outside of Kentucky rediscover quality bourbon. Without Maker’s Mark, there is no doubt that bourbon would not be where it is today. Despite the fact that it was such a forward-thinking brand when they first started, for awhile it looked like Maker’s Mark was getting a bit stale. As other brands began to offer single barrel, barrel proof, or other special edition bottles, Maker’s Mark continued to provide their same product year after year. Their fans didn’t have a problem with this, but other bourbon lovers like myself passed on Maker’s Mark to try something new, something higher proof, or even better value for the price point.