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Beam to be sold to Suntory for $16 billion

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Nothing like going to bed on your birthday and waking up to news that Japan’s Suntory Holdings Ltd is planning to purchase Beam for $16 billion. If everything goes as planned, Suntory would become the world’s 3rd largest maker of distiller drinks. I’m sure we’re going to be reading a lot about this one this week. Until we get more details here’s a link to one of the original stories about the proposed acquisition. Looks like it’s going to be Suntory Time, all the time. Perhaps now my degree in Japanese Studies can be put to good use. Suntory, are …

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How do you get your bourbon news?

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The other night I walked into my living room to find my 6-year old browsing through my copy of the Bourbon Review.  He’s beginning to really get into reading so he’s always picking up magazines to see what he can read and understand. So while his choice of reading material in this photo wasn’t deliberate, the design of the magazine was enticing enough for him to pick it up versus others laying on the coffee table. It got me to thinking about what makes one source of news better than another for us adults – especially when it comes to …