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StilL 630 Experimental Collection Release #9

In American Whiskey Reviews by Patrick "Pops" Garrett1 Comment

Following quickly on the heels of our review of StilL 630’s X-9, we’re bringing you a review of their Experimental Collection Release X-9. The X-9 is a 16.25 month old cherrywood smoked single malt bottled at 100 proof. This release joins previous mesquite and applewood smoked single malts providing the consumer with a unique opportunity to explore the effects that different wood smoke has on a whiskey.

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Old Baldy Batch 1 Review

In American Whiskey Reviews by Brett AtlasLeave a Comment

Dave Perkins from High West once told me that whiskey drinkers want two things: (1) Something they’ve never had, and (2) Something they can’t get. You probably haven’t tried the first batch of Old Baldy yet, and if you want one of the 320 bottles, you’ll have to travel to one store in Northern Kentucky to get it.

Old Baldy is the brainchild of Cork N’ Bottle’s Ed Bley, who has picked more private barrels than most of us own bottles. Teaming up with Jeff Mattingly, who sourced the whiskey, Ed tasted his way through 35 different barrels until he had the five he wanted. From those five barrels, he concocted nine different blends to arrive at the final result and married the whiskeys together for nearly three weeks.

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High West Bourye “Limited Sighting” Review

In American Whiskey Reviews by Kyle GeorgeLeave a Comment

Bourye is a beautiful whiskey with a great dark amber color. With a slight twirl of the glass, it gives off some nice thick legs. Past renditions of this blend I have not enjoyed, however, I have been very happy with this “Limited Sighting,” as High West is calling it. The nose, while having a little alcohol on it, gives off a beautiful bouquet. The more I sit and nose the glass; the more different notes keep presenting themselves. Would have to say my only real complaint with this pour would be the finish. Wish there was just a little bit more there; while the warmth stays with you, it just doesn’t coat your palate as some other whiskeys do. Overall this is a great product and would encourage everyone to try out.