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Tincup American Whiskey Review

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Whiskeys from out west have been hitting the market and getting good reviews more and more over the past few years. High West, Breckenridge Distillery, Templeton, and Ranger Creek have all been proving that you don’t have to be from Kentucky to know good and make good bourbon. Tincup American Whiskey from Colorado seems to be looking to join those making news from West of the Mississippi. Jess Graber is the man behind Tincup. In researching this whiskey I learned that Graber is the co-founder of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey which is made in small batches in Denver. I have never had Stranahan’s but the small batch nature of the whiskey means that it is expensive and harder to come by. Right now it isn’t available outside of Colorado. (Update: Tincup Whiskey should now also be available in CA, IL, IN, NY, and TX.) Tincup Whiskey is a separate brand from Stranahan’s, (although they are both actually owned by Proximo who also owns Kraken, Jose Cuevro,and 1800), but knowing about this back story helped me make sense of Tincup and how it came to be.

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2014 Parker’s Heritage Collection Whiskey Review

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Every year I look forward to learning what type of bourbon will be released as part of the Parker’s Heritage Collection (PHC) from Heaven Hill. So imagine my surprise when I learned that a bourbon wasn’t being released as part of PHC this year. Instead, they decided to release a wheat whiskey this year. I’m not going to lie to you that I was a bit concerned upon hearing the news. I’ve never been big on wheat whiskey, especially the Bernheim Wheat whiskey that’s on the market today. It’s a good product but not something that really appeals to my personal palate. So here’s hoping that this year’s release can convince me to reconsider the merits of wheat whiskey.