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The Dubliner Irish Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur Review

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Sugary sweet! Forget the wedge of cake after dinner and go with this Irish Whiskey Liqueur. A big taste of vanilla cream cheese icing with a hint of honey and some irish whiskey coming through. Less calories and a little buzz. If you are a fan of after dinner liqueurs, I would definitely put this on your list. It’s great neat, chilled or with a cube. I would say this is a bit sweeter than Irish Mist if I remember it correctly. My wife, Patti, who is a big Irish Mist fan gives The Dubliner Liqueur two thumbs up. Definitely worth checking out if this is up your alley.

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George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish Whisky* Review

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If you’re looking for a rich, complex whiskey to sip from your Glencairn, this is not it. If you approach this as the novelty product it is, you’ll be less disappointed. It’s made for shots and the Dickel website says so: “Best enjoyed as a shot with celery salt on the rim, pickle juice, or an ice chaser.” (I’m not sure what an ice chaser is either.)

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CALI Sipping Whiskey Review

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CALI is a unique California twist on a classic sipping whiskey. We are shooting for a spirit smoother than a frontier rye, but more complex and flavorful than a traditional Kentucky bourbon. We want CALI to be something that a real whiskey lover will be happy share with his friends, even his non-whiskey friends. If he wants to pour a glass to sip while reading a good book or laughing with friends while playing a board game – even better. We want a spirit that is a pleasure to drink. CALI is a whiskey with a California vibe: Come on over, relax, have a drink, check out the sunset.

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Cleveland Christmas Spice Flavored Bourbon Review

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My phone was humming on the kitchen counter and calling for my attention.

“Guess who’s at Walmart?” the voice on the other end of the line said dryly.

“What?” I asked. The mobile signal was momentarily choppy.

“Guess who I just saw here at Walmart?”


“You’ll never guess.”

“Who?” I prodded.


There was a moment of silence between us.

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Camp Robber Whiskeyjack Review

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If you’re going to make decent whiskey, you need a lot of time. But time is money, and your whiskey is going to need years. So how does a distillery make money in the meantime? The answer is usually vodka and its juniper cousin gin. For a moment unaged whiskeys were all the rage and thankfully that moment has mostly passed. Is there a good way to use an immature whiskey? New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile seems to have found an interesting solution.