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KO Distiller’s Reserve Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Lee Stang and Brent JosephLeave a Comment

This is a very good and interesting rye whiskey. Interesting because of the orange vanilla notes mixed with the rye spice. Creamy on the front of the tongue with the rye spice coming through on the back. It is very enjoyable. This is the second KO Distiller’s Reserve release as earlier in the year, KO released a Bottled in Bond Bourbon. (see my review here). These Bottled in Bond releases demonstrate that there are more good things to come from KO Distilling. While the price is a little high, the quality is there. This release is one of two whiskeys released to celebrate KO Distilling”s 6 year birthday. Distribution is limited right now to Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware,

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Blue Run Golden Rye Whiskey Review

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This is Blue Run’s inaugural rye release schedule to debut on September 6, 2021 – a sourced Kentucky straight rye whiskey. I found this rye to have a super cool funk on the palate with a very heavy note of sorghum sugar, which has a distinct earthy, sweet flavor. For those who are unfamiliar, sorghum is a sweet cereal grain and the plant produces a sap that is then evaporated and jarred as a natural sweetener. The sweetness of this rye makes it a great option for bourbon lovers who are on the fence about rye.

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Swilled Dog Spirits Bourbon and Rye Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews, Rye Whiskey Reviews by Lee StangLeave a Comment

This is my favorite of the Swilled Dog whiskies I tried. Yes I do like a good finished bourbon. This cask strength finished bourbon is excellent. It reminded me of a cherry pie with a dab of vanilla bean ice cream and some moonshine cherries. The bourbon is sourced and finished in Oloroso sherry casks that Swilled Dog sourced from Spain. The bourbon was finished in North Carolina. I enjoyed this immensely.

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Stellum Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Patrick "Pops" GarrettLeave a Comment

When I first nosed Stellum Rye, it immediately screamed: “MGP Rye” which is no surprise since the base rye was sourced from MGP. But when I came back to it and dug in a bit for my review, I started to encounter layer upon layer of nuances that quickly convinced me this is not just a gussied up MGP bottling. All of the hallmarks of an MGP rye are present, especially the dill notes, but as you keep nosing, it shows its true nature unveiling additional notes of light fruits (think peaches and green apple) mingled with cardamon and anise. Eventually, I was even picking up fresh lemon citrus in the background. Left unchecked, I could easily spend a few hours nosing this rye and uncovering new aromas all night.

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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 2020 Barrel Proof Rye Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Bob Bennett2 Comments

I’ve long been a fan of Jack’s Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskey, as I think it’s the best readily available American whiskey on the market. I said READILY AVAILABLE, calm down whiskey police. Also, if you’re wanting to engage in the TN whiskey versus bourbon argument, might I invite you to check out the Iron Sheik’s Twitter feed. The news that their limited release for 2020 was a barrel proof rye had me excited & a little apprehensive at the same time, as I’m not a huge rye whiskey fan.

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Riverset Straight Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Matt SelfLeave a Comment

The mashbill is misleading as 95% rye typically produces much more evergreen than sweet aromatics. The mouthfeel and sweetness causes this to drink much more like a bourbon than a rye. It’s more viscous and full-bodied than similar high rye whiskies. If you are into a standard rye whiskey profile this is not for you; but if you love good bourbon and typically stay away from rye whiskey this may be a gateway pour for you.

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Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Rye Review – 2020 Release

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Steve CoomesLeave a Comment

This is a bottle full of goodness all around; silken yet full bodied; lush in texture but busily spicy with fruit notes. If you can make rye whiskey candy, solidify this. It’s a delight to hold in your mouth and roll around as the honeyed texture gives way to tingly spice and slightly drying oak. I mentioned in my review of the 2020 Michter’s 10 year bourbon release that it was my favorite bottling of that product ever. I’ll declare the same about this 10-year rye. It’s brilliant, bright, inviting and wide-open delicious. It’s as good a Kentucky rye as I’ve ever enjoyed.

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Rabble Rouser Bottled In Bond Rye Whisky Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Lee StangLeave a Comment

Rabble Rouser Bottled in Bond Rye Whisky is released by Catoctin Creek Distillery (you can read my distillery review here), once a year in mid-February. The 2020 version was released on a Saturday. Although there were 900 bottles released nationwide, the distillery had 150 bottles and allowed each person to buy two. I remember that Saturday. It was very cold and I’m not much for standing in line for a chance that might not happen.