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Barrell Rye Batch #2 Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Brett Atlas2 Comments

Five years into Joe Beatrice’s foray into the independent bottling business, his Barrell brand has not taken its foot off the creative pedal. Famous for its unique and truly limited batch releases, each new bottling is markedly different from the rest. Sourcing from distilleries in Indiana and Kentucky, Barrell augmented its sequential Bourbon batch releases with private picks as well. Now, Barrell has gotten into the Rye game, and this second batch is anything but traditional. 5 year-old MGP Rye aged in Indiana and Kentucky joins a 5 year-old 100% Polish Rye aged in new charred barrels.

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Michter’s US 1 Toasted Barrel Finish Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Steve Coomes2 Comments

The ladies were right on this one. By that I mean this: During the first group tasting of this spirit in 2017, Michter’s president Joe Magliocco gave this whiskey a thumbs down, believing the brand’s fans wouldn’t like it. Michter’s master distiller, Pam Heilmann, and its master of maturation, Andrea Wilson, believed otherwise and encouraged their boss to let the whiskey rest a little longer in the toasted barrel. A short time later, he tasted it, changed his mind and agreed they were right. Similarly, anyone who’s still not convinced rye whiskey is amazing should start here. Not only is it an exceptional expression, it’s arguably Michter’s best example of Heilmann’s and Wilson’s ability to manipulate wood to wring new flavors.

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Rodham Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Patrick "Pops" Garrett3 Comments

The last kind of drinker I am is a rye drinker. I will drink it and I will definitely drink this, but likely with a dash of water or some ice. Rye is a complex ingredient though. Ice or water allow a sense of sweetness to blossom if added, which is what happens with this whiskey. Context sometimes is second only to product quality when it comes to spirits. This appropriate libation is hard to beat after the last American election. Cheers!

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Kentucky Owl Rye Batch #1 Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Brett AtlasLeave a Comment

“This unique offering is produced from a collection of barrels blended and brought to proof to accentuate both the delicate profile and the full-flavored body of the whiskey. Master Blender, Dixon Dedman, crafted the small batch rye with the same passion and high quality that goes into his family’s award-winning bourbon. On the heels of a seven-market release of Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #7, the highly allocated Kentucky straight rye whiskey will roll out in 25 U.S. markets this September.”

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A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey Review

In Rye Whiskey Reviews by Patrick "Pops" GarrettLeave a Comment

The finish starts sweet, with a nice mix of orange peel and honey but quickly turns a bit hot with rye spices. It feels a little off balance, erring on the hot and spicy side instead of mixing the sweet and spicy as my taste buds were anticipating. The burn is medium to long, returning on occasion with punches of pepper and rye spice and an echo of sweetness.

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Son Of Bourye Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews, Rye Whiskey Reviews by Kyle GeorgeLeave a Comment

Some fellow bloggers told me to pull the trigger on this purchase while in KY and I am glad I did. There are not many bourbon-rye mixes out there to compare this to, so it is actually a unique product. Only a handful of other products come to mind that have done the same thing (Wild Turkey Forgiven, High West Bourye, and Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration). This is another High West product that I really enjoy. The blend of bourbon and rye works really well here. Has a nice balance of sweet and spicy; does great on its own or over the rocks. Another great bottle added to the bar if you can find a bottle now that it’s no longer produced.