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Heaven’s Door Master Blenders’ Edition Redbreast Collaboration Review

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I’m someone who likes to try new things and enjoys seeing the results of experimentation. Because of that, I very well may have been curious enough to try this even at it’s steep price point had I not been sent this sample from Heaven’s Door. I’m a fan of Irish Whiskey generally, and Redbreast specifically, so to see a 10-year old bourbon finished in their casks and with the collaboration of their Master Blender Billy Leighton got me excited to crack it open. I’ll also give credit where its due and point out that Ryan Perry, the Master Blender at Heaven’s Door also surely pulled his own weight in selecting the sourced bourbon to include in this project.

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Tip Top Proper Cocktails Old Fashioned: Your New Favorite Inflight Drink

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I recently took my first post-quarantine flight and, as a former frequent traveler, I had so missed the ritual of snagging a cocktail mid-flight to signal the true end of the day or the beginning of vacation. As our trip to visit family in Florida came to a close, I couldn’t wait to return to my old habits. With the pandemic, many airlines have changed their onboard food and beverage experiences to incur fewer touch points. One such change (and improvement!) is the addition by Delta of two ready to drink (RTD) cocktails by Tip Top. Passengers may choose from an Old Fashioned or a Margarita, both priced at $12 (or $9.60 with a Delta AMEX!), which can be drunk straight from the can or poured over ice.

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The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Bourbon Cask Review

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Peat! This was my takeaway when I first nosed this whiskey. I’m not a fan of peat or whiskies with a lot of malt. My first impression was I am not going to like this. My wife, who is a huge Jameson fan, took one nose and wouldn’t taste it. And while in subsequent nosings a number of days later, the peat smell was not as strong the malt did come through. The interesting thing is the malt came through on the palate only slightly. It was there though and took a way a good bit of the sweetness I get in an Irish Whiskey like Jameson. In addition, the mouthfeel of The Dubliner Irish Whiskey was quite thin to me. I drink Irish Whiskey occasionally but tend to go more for Jameson, Red Breast 12 or Cask Strength or Powers John Lane 12.