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Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies: Sweet n’ Tipsy Style

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We all search for that perfect chocolate chip cookie, and when we find it we never want to let it go! Today happens to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and what better day to share my ultimate favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Below you will find that one chocolate chip cookie recipe I never wanted to let go. Several years ago there was a cookie recipe posted in the New York Times, sworn to be the best chocolate chip cookie you will ever have. Naturally when you hear that something is the best you have to try it, so I did, and they were not kidding, next to my best friend Christy’s chocolate chip cookies (which she won’t share the recipe) these were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. They were simple to make and out of this world delicious!

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Smoked Tri Tip With Bourbon And Peach Glaze

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Ah…bourbon. A great icebreaker in social situations, we can just break out the bottle, give everyone a pour, and sit back relaxing, telling stories, and just having a good time. But bourbon is not satisfied with that single responsibility. No, bourbon can multitask, serving as a brain tickler of sorts, helping unlock those thoughts that seem stuck in your head, unwilling to come out during the light of day.